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Have you heard the name Michael Sam?  Who has been all over the news for being the openly gay NFL football player drafted and who got a call from our Commander In Chief, who has been called brave for kissing his boyfriend onTV.   Ever heard the name Allejandro Villanueva?  He is an Army ranger who was also drafted.  He is also a bronze star winner for pulling injured fellow soldiers away from enemy fire.  Seen any news coverge on that bravery?  Seen President Odummo make any public announcements about a solider who serves under his command about his bravery?  Congrats to both for having the talent to make the NFL a demanding sport.  

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  • He easily could have been another Pat Tillman, who was all geeked up and full of patriotism when in 2002, he left a successful football career with the Arizona Cardinals to join the U.S. Army. He was killed in Afghanistan in 2004. The official story was that he was shot by enemy forces during an ambush, but it was later revealed that he may have been killed by friendly fire, and that Army commanders and members of the Bush administration covered up the truth of what had happened.

    Tillman turned down a three-year, $3.6 million contract with the Cardinals to enlist. Before starting his military service, Tillman married his high school girlfriend Marie.  And all for what...his brother said that Pat was disenchanted by the militaries involvement in the middle east and regretted his decision to serve in these pointless wars.

    Tillman served in several tours of duty, including time in Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom as well as a stay in Afghanistan to serve in Operation Enduring Freedom.

    Documents that surfaced years later also proved that those involved in the incident were aware that Tillman had died from friendly fire within 24 hours of his death—including General Stanley McChrystal, who had approved the Silver Star honor. After Tillman's death, the investigation proved that Army commanders and members of the Bush administration concealed the truth behind the soldier's shooting by destroying items of his clothing, his notebooks and even hiding parts of Tillman's body to cover up evidence.

    Even years after his death, the Tillman family has remained unsure as to whether the real story of what happened to Pat will ever be fully unearthed. Yet the Tillmans remain persistent in their quest to find out the truth behind Pat's final moments. "This isn't about Pat, this is about what they did to Pat and what they did to a nation," said Pat's mother, Mary Tillman. "By making up these false stories you're diminishing their true heroism. [The truth] may not be pretty but that's not what war is all about. It's ugly, it's bloody, it's painful. And to write these glorious tales is really a disservice to the nation."

  • Bravery can be very very foolish.  Allejandro Villanueva is "brave" for pulling another foolish wounded soldier to safety, but he is lucky to be alive after foolishly volunteering for 3 tours in Afghanistan.  His 6'9" frame made him an easy target. Afghanistan has been another foolish Bush era war where nothing beneficial was accomplished by the Americans OR the Russkies before them. In fact, we may have just mde things worse as our involvement there is currently used as a very effective al qaeda recruiting tool.

    Allejandro Villanueva was pretty foolish to not enter the NFL draft and make his fortune instead of opting to go to fight in a needless war where he participated in little more than bouncing the rubble one more time. He risked everything for some foolish notion of faux patriotism and bravado.   

    So, Mach570, "I just cant understand why" do YOU want to know my sex?  I thought that you were a true homophobe.

  • UK you are debating a subject that I know i dont have a leg to stand on since hetros kiss and all that on TV also. I just cant understand why the homos think that everyone wants to know what their sexual preference is and why people call them brave. I consider a brave person is someone who puts their own life in danger to save another. IE Soldiers, Firemen, Policemen, ETC.

    Having said all that I deffenitly agree that they deserve all the rights and liberties that any other American has!!!!

  • mach570....these are god's children just like you and I. They want to live happy and free lives just like everyone else. Why should they hide their love for one another just because some do not care to see it. Everyone else is free to show emotions why do you feel they are different. Is it just because you don't agree with their life style because you keep saying you don't care?

  • UK I didnt even know about the kiss when I commeted. I dont like havig that kind of mental illness paraded all over the tube, but in this day and time it is acceptable to put anything on the tube so your right I dont have a leg to stand on that. What I was commenting on was the need gay people have to let everone know they're gay, I dont care.

    Bruno how is it being brave, Like you said it is the norm anymore to be gay. So again I ask why do they feel the need to let people know?????? I didnt know he was going in the first round so if what you say is true it serves him right.

    If he was on the Bengals team all I would care if he could play football. Who cares what he does on the sideline.

  • Michael Sams is brave, very brave for being the first openly gay man to play NFL football.  But he is also pretty finacially foolish to come out when he did as he was nearly guaranteed to be a first round pick and this fit of open honesty cost him a bundle as he wasn't picked until the 8th round.  He could have just as easily done it now and literally been millions richer!

  • mach570, May 15, 2014 9:19AM

    "UK take note this is the direction our country is going. I want the days were people didnt feel the need to let everyone know  what their sexual preference is who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Well, from the number of exclamation points, apparently YOU do and quite a bit. I have some advice for you guys...GET USED TO IT!  People loving each other is not a threat to our country, BUT people killing, raping, kidnapping, thowing non-violent people in jail, people who don't believe in science, ya' know, DUMB people, are a threat to not just our country but the survival of our species.  He's black, can't you see he's BLACK!


  • In fact, the President did just that on 13 May:


    There's a real big picture of it, in case you have trouble with the words.

  • mach570...How does that hurt you? Don't they have a right to be happy just like everyone else? Why should they have to hide their emotions? I see hetrosexual people kissing in public all the time. Why should they hide just because you don't care for their life style?

    If you don't care about their sexual preference like you say then what is the problem? We can't live other people's lives and I wouldn't want people dictating to me how I can live. I don't agree with that type of relationship but it does me no harm so why should I be upset at what others do?

  • UK take note this is the direction our country is going. I want the days were people didnt feel the need to let everyone know  what their sexual preference is who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have heard quite a bit about Mr. Villanueva. He was actually signed as a free agent. He wasn't drafted. But I do agree that his story did deserve a little more national attention.