Who's Got Your Back?

MSgt Thomas Vance USAF Ret. Published:

With all the scrambling over the upcoming midterm elections it is prudent to remember what is at stake.   

Republicans are opposed to a decent, or any, raise in the minimum wage, 

They have promised to repeal the new health insurance law , the Affordable Care Act.  If you now have cheaper or better or health insurance for the first time, that should be important to you.  

Republicans will continue the economic policy of supply side economics which gives tax breaks to the wealthy in the hopes the wealthy will invest that money  and create the jobs promised by Republicans in the last 3 elections instead of the recession we got.

Republicans favor the government deciding womens health issues and will continue the assult on who decides what happens when a woman becomes pregnant. 

Republicans are right now trying ahead of the elections, to prevent a vast number of folks from voting, targeting the young and minorities with special ID requirements to limit their ability to vote.

Democrats favor a raise in the minimum wage and if what is happening in Washington State where they raised the minimum to 15 dollars, and the job market is exploding is any indication, its the right thing to do.

Democrats support and think healthcare should be available for all Americans, not just those who can afford it and support expanding medicaid. Republican refusal to do so in Republican controlled states has left  millions without healthcare.

Democrats favor supply and demand economics which strengthens the buying power of the middle class and poor driving growth and creating jobs.

Democrats think a woman and her doctor should make her health decisions, not the state.

Democrats support expanding voting to make it easier and more likely that people will and can vote.

There ya go!  As i said before, foward or back, that's the choice.  The foward choice favors the majority, the other the few.

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