Executive Orders

Obama Fan Published:

Obama loves to use his magic pen and sign executive orders.  So there is a simple solution to this VA health scandal.  Sign an executive allowing our soldiers who have served this country get healthcare anywhere and everywhere instead of relying on just the VA.....Why not give them the same benefits as Congress and the President get,  neither of those 2 have to go the VA.....And it goes even further the VA is run by??? The Government.  And they muck it up like they do everything else.

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  • Boosh started the wars that the VA is now having to deal with the casualties...not Obama!

  • The VA has  real problems, but they predate Obama, and they’re largely the result of fighting two wars while Vietnam veterans age. Right now the VA serves almost 10 million vets, and as retired Col. Christopher Holshek writes today in the Huffington Post, Shinseki’s Department of Veterans Affairs has actually reduced the care back log from 600,000 when he took over to somewhere near 320,000. It’s still too high, but it’s also wrong to say the VA does nothing right.An overview of Rand Corporation studies found that the VA outperformed private hospitals on many counts, and concluded the agency has much to teach the private sector when it comes to providing managed care.

    And for the record Obama has used the Executive Order pen less than any modern President cept for the elder Boosh who used it 166 times.  Obama 168 , Dubya 291, Clinton 368, Reagan 381.  So who really loves to use the pen?  Repugnicans!


  • Many do have that. It's called Tricare, And if you have medicare, Tricare is your secondary insurance paying what Medicare dosent pay!

    This has been an ongoing problem back as far as scrrewing Revolutionary War guys out of their 60 acres!!!

    When you increase primary care appointments by 50% and only increase the number of doctors by 9% stuffs gonna hit the fan sooner or later.  Impossible wait times breed frustration and people start cooking the books to meet the impossible!!!

    Oh, by the way as Government employees they do get the same healthcare as GIs.

    Matter of fact, Veterans report that once you get in, the care is rated the best by the patients.  So systemic problems aside, I wish all Americans could have healthcare like I have!!!!!!

    *** there anything you wont try to label Obama with?   Seems you have a certain kind of animosity towards our President.