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Saturday May 31, 2014

The Obama administration, without consulting the United States Congress which is required by law, released 5 high ranking Taliban members that were being held at Gitmo in exchange for 1 United States Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl who allegedly walked-away (deserted is more like it) from his post and have listed him as AWOL not deserter since June 30, 2009 

Currently there is a decorated USMC Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi being held in a Mexico jail for simply making a wrong turn. There is also a petition on the White House web site to secure his freedom, which as of this morning isn't happening. This decorated hero Marine sits in a Mexican jail while this deserter is getting fussed over in Germany. This deserter’s home town is making preparations to welcome him home as some kind of hero while a true hero sits and waits for his fate and being ignored by this administration.

The stark contrast of the two is palm to face disappointing. This administration appears to be running in the same fashion as the Nixon administration with its "above the law" mentality with the actions it takes to get things done. Getting things done in the wrong way is just as bad as not getting them done in the first place.

When you purposely stack your house in order to protect you from any legal ramifications whatsoever, you circumvent the purpose of being accountable and held accountable for your actions. You are labeled ROUGE and detrimental to the welfare and safety of Americans here and abroad.

For those objectionable individuals that say the United States should not be at war, things about to take a turn for the worse with those detainees that were just released. According to the conditions of release the former guests of Gitmo are to remain in Qatar for 1 year. That isn’t going to happen.  I bet plans are in the works to sneak each and every one of those high ranking Taliban members back out and into the fight. That's just how they roll.

You cannot trust or negotiate with terrorists, that has been a standing United States policy for as long as I can remember.  You cannot trust this administration to accomplish anything sensible, legally, or correctly. We are in the mists of a total breakdown of accountability by an individual that could not even make a living as a community organizer.  

The painful reality of it all is there are supporters who think and want the same things as this administration seeks to accomplish. Those individuals will be posting to this soon in lock-step disagreeing with reality while agreeing with fantasy and their leader Mickey Mouse.

America is about to be introduced to the term FUBAR! 

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  • "[S]hameless lying and ignorance works surprisingly well as a debate tactic."

    Kind of like a statement that a famous African whom we all know and love said at the beginning of one of his speeches:  "I am an American...."

  • "Spouting off about stuff you know nothing about is traditionally considered unwise. But as the Republican war on science intensifies, ignorance has started to become not only less of a handicap, but a point of pride. In the face of expertise and facts, being belligerently ignorant—and offended that anyone dare suggest ignorance is less desirable than knowledge—has become the go-to position for many conservative politicians and pundits. Sadly, it’s a strategy that’s working, making it harder every day for liberals to argue the value of evidence and reason over wishful thinking and unblinking prejudice.

    But for modern Republicans, being downright proud of their ignorance has become a badge of honor, a way to demonstrate loyalty to the right-wing cause while also sticking it to those liberal pinheads who think there’s some kind of value in knowing what they’re talking about before offering an opinion.

    This mentality, in its modern form, can be traced back to the Bush White House. In 2004, Ron Suskind of the New York Times interviewed an unnamed Bush official who famously pooh-poohed what he believed to be the shortcomings of journalists who insist that the truth matters more than fantasy:

    The aide said that guys like me were ”in what we call the reality-based community,” which he defined as people who ”believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.” I nodded and murmured something about enlightenment principles and empiricism. He cut me off. ”That’s not the way the world really works anymore,” he continued. ”We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality.”

    The sense that you could stick it to the liberals by being utterly indifferent to reality actually grew worse on the right after Bush left office, starting with the adoption of Sarah Palin as a right-wing hero. Palin represents this new era of treating the truth like it’s a horrible force of oppression trying to squelch conservative America. Subsequently, any utterance from her mouth is far more likely to be a blatant and aggressive falsehood than anything resembling fact.

    The thing is, shameless lying and ignorance works surprisingly well as a debate tactic. It’s hard to argue with someone who not only has signaled that he doesn’t care what the truth is but is downright proud of how little he actually knows. Such a person is not amenable to being educated. Once the pretense of really caring one way or another about what is right and what is wrong has been abandoned, all avenue of discourse is shut down.

    Take Rep. Jeff Miller’s recent appearance on MSNBC. It was a performance that has become standard on the right when talking about climate change: Dismissively wave away the scientific consensus and spout ignorance in the most condescending tone possible, as if nothing could be sillier than those scientists with their interests in facts and research. Miller repeatedly dismissed decades of scientific research showing the reality of global warming as “foolish.” Then he went above and beyond the call of duty, really showing off how proud he was to know so very little. “Then why did the dinosaurs go extinct? Were there men that were causing — were there cars running around at that point, that were causing global warming? No,” he said, full of contempt for people who aren’t nearly as stupid as he is.

    If Miller wasn’t such a major idiot, he would know that, in fact, the death of the dinosaurs was caused by an outside force that disrupted the Earth’s atmosphere; not cars, but a meteor that hit the planet with such impact it caused a massive cooling and then—wait for it—major global warming effect that wiped out 70% of the species on the planet. It’s one of the major reasons we know that outside forces, whether meteors or cars, that have major impact on the planet’s atmosphere can create temperature changes that permanently affect life on this planet.

    The problem here is that someone who is not only so catastrophically wrong but downright proud of being an ignoramus is not going to actually bother to listen to an explanation like that. That’s why the wall of ignorance is such a powerful rhetorical tool. When you have nothing but contempt for the facts, attempts to educate you will only make your pride in your own ignorance grow stronger. The more you try to educate the proudly ignorant, the dumber they get.

    At the end of the day, the problem is one of identity. The conservative identity is one of being opposed to everything liberal, to the point of despising anything even associated with liberalism. As liberalism has increasingly been aligned with the values of empiricism and reason, the incentives for conservatives to reject empiricism and reason multiply. To be a “conservative” increasingly means taking a contemptuous view of reality. And so the proudly ignorant grow more belligerent, day after day."

    Amanda Marcotte is a Brooklyn-based freelance writer and journalist. She's published two books and blogs regularly at Pandagon, RH Reality Check and Slate's Double X.

  • You haven't heard it all until you've heard disgraced Iran-Contra official Oliver North blast the Bergdahl deal.  It is terribly hypocritical for strong supporters of the military to criticize the administration for bringing home America’s only prisoner of war. Sure they might get criticized for sending back some Taliban prisoners, that goes without saying. And yes, the issues surrounding Guantánamo are always controversial. Needless to say the Congress was going to squeal when it found out the administration has brushed off its obligation to inform them of any Gitmo transfers 30 days in advance, and with some justification. But, by God, one thing for which the right could never be criticized was the fact that they lived up to the credo that says no American soldier will be left behind on the battlefield.

    Wrong. The propensity of right-wingers to be blatantly inconsistent with their most cherished principles is truly astonishing and should never be taken for granted. The White House did err in assuming that the chauvinist Republicans (and the many timorous Democrats who fear them) would not criticize this release simply because a soldier was involved. (All you had to do was look back at Rush Limbaugh’s willingness to slander any soldier, officer or enlisted, who dared to criticize the war effort just a few years ago to see how foolish that assumption was.)

    But there are hypocrites and there are hypocrites. And not even the sainted POW John McCain’s stunning flip-flop on the Bergdahl can come close Lt. Col Oliver North (Ret.) guy for sheer, audacious hypocrisy. Let’s first revisit his comments from 2011 on his Facebook page on the matter of Bergdahl specifically before we go any further:

    "Today, I received from the National League of POW/MIA families, a “Never Forget Bracelet” emblazoned with the name of Sgt Bowe Bergdahl.  He was seized on June 30, 2009 in Afghanistan and is being held by the Haqqani Organization — a Taliban affiliated terrorist group — in northwest Pakistan. Sgt Bergdahl and his loved ones here at home deserve our prayers and encouragement until he is rescued or released. That’s what we do. We’re Americans."

    “That’s what we do. We’re Americans.” That sounds like an unequivocal position — which shouldn’t surprise us coming from a man who felt so strongly about this that he personally directed an illegal plot to sell weapons to one of our most hated enemies in exchange for the release of American hostages.

    If there’s one person you would expect to defend this POW exchange it would be Oliver North. He was a critical player in the most infamous hostage deal in American history. But if you thought that, you’d be wrong. And his reasoning is almost beyond comprehension considering his history.

    He starts by making the dubious claim that Bergdahl is not a POW, but rather a hostage (something he knows something about). And then he complains that the government “must” have secretly paid a ransom, which he finds outrageous.

    That would be very wrong, unless it’s done by a Sainted Republican president. (And hey, if some enterprising young colonel can kick some of the profits to some “freedom fighters” somewhere in Central America, all the better, right?)

    North is far from the only right-wing hypocrite fulminating about POWs and hostages today after earlier beating the administration over the head for failing to secure Bergdahl’s release. But he takes it to a new level. After all, he was only spared from jail time by the fact that a judge ruled that the congressional inquiry that immunized him for his testimony made it impossible to charge him with a crime. It takes some real chutzpah for him to even use the word “ransom” in public.

    So, it’s fair to grant the administration critics this one point. When you see the inconsistency and rank hypocrisy of which Republicans are capable, it’s hard to see why a Democratic administration would assume that Republicans would reflexively support  ”the military’s time-honored ethos to leave behind none of its own on the battlefield.” They have shown over and over again that nothing is so sacred that they can’t toss it aside for cheap political advantage.

  • John McCain has spent much of the past week denying that he changed his positionabout exchanging Taliban prisoners for American soldier Bowe Bergdahl. So he probably wasn't happy on Friday morning, when the Washington Post's official fact-checker, Glenn Kessler, sided with the people who think McCain flip-flopped on Bergdahl.

    McCain told Jake Tapper on Thursday that, although he previously expressed his willingness to exchange prisoners for Bergdahl, he would never have done so if he'd known exactly which prisoners would be exchanged. Kessler, though, poked some big holes in that argument:

    We fully appreciate that the details of a prisoner exchange are important, and McCain certainly made that caveat clear. But since the deal was announced, he has suggested that the question of trading the Taliban Five for Bergdahl was a surprise—and that’s certainly not the case. These five men were always part of the prisoner swap, so that is not a detail that can be in dispute. Indeed, only a day after The Washington Post revealed a deal was in the works to trade the five men for Bergdahl, McCain appeared on television with what was billed as a “new position.”


    McCain may have thought he left himself an out when he said his support was dependent on the details. But then he can’t object to the most important detail–the identity of the prisoners–that was known at the time he indicated his support. McCain earns an upside-down Pinocchio, constituting a flip-flop.

  •  His justification....MY principles, MY government.

    Well what do expect when you give a Socialist the keys to the car that doesn't have any idea how to drive. He's been guessing since Janurary 21, 2009 and has grinded the gears of progress into shavings for his enjoyment. He's a joke and a bad one at that.

  • See the Obama NBC interview yesterday?   His justification....MY principles, MY government......didnt know we elected him to impose his principles of OUR government!!  OUR is we the people.  

  •  Even John McCain said he would be for a trade deal until the president did. 

    STOP right there... that is a half a$$ statement and you know it. No one said that a trade would not be done. It's who was traded and how the trade was done. That statement of yours is  typical liberalism. Using the situtation, changing the circumstances or the definition of the situtation to make it appear that's what the arugment is all about when it isn't. That's why the messaih has changed his tune from Berdghal being sick to oh now he's gonna be killed that's why I went around Congress and had to act fast, but it only took me six months act fast. So What Difference Does that Make right? 

    There is no "if he did" there is "that he did" desert and that is proven by his units records. One piece of evidence is his weapon was still there. No grunt would ever voluntarily leave their weapon behind period. I do know that much and a few more things to boot. It's funny that those who were actually there are being call liars, and whipped up controversies by good old Harry and the messiah. Oh now What Difference Does that Make?

    It was not an assumption it was a question. Notice the "?" at the end and the words "HOW DO ANY OF US". We do know that the 6-14 members of his unit were killed while out searching for him that was unnecessary, but I'm sure you're gonna turn that around as an assupmtion too. But What Difference Does that Make?


  • It is for the Army to decide the fate of this young man not ours. I agree that if he did desert his unit then he needs to face the consequences of his actions. But for people to judge this man before he has his day in court is shameful. Everyone knew what was being said about him but was very eager to post encouragement on social media about bringing him home until the president did exactly that. Even John McCain said he would be for a trade deal until the president did. This coming from a man that benefited from a trade deal to get him to come home. So you are right "you can't have it both ways"!

    Like I said I am waiting on the facts of this, not rumors and people just assuming what happened even though they weren't even there.

    "And how do any of us know that those who were killed was not from the result of Bergdhal giving tattical information to the enemy?"

    We don' are just assuming he did.

  • Why should this situation be any different than that of a soldier that made a sacrifice on the field ukfan? I'm having trouble understanding the support this person is getting for his actions. How can anyone honor the dead by celebrating basically the actions of a coward? He knew when he enlisted that he was headed to a war zone, that he had a good chance of being killed. How many Americans, or other nationalities were beheaded by these terrorists that weren't, or if were given the choice to convert as the Quran says must happen, and they refused?

    This claim that all of a sudden this administration is in the "leave no one behind" is total BS, that's a soldiers creed not a platform for the super star to jump on. Traditional agreements between waring nations is at the end of the war, prisoners are exchanged, but according to the left this isn't a war, this is a police action that should have been handled by international law enforcement agencies. It seems that liberals want it both ways, when it suits their positions, or actions. So what difference dose it make right?

    In the end Bergdhal should stand trail by the military for desertion first and foremost, and if any evidence is found that his father was influential in his decision to desert, then he should face charges as a collaborator from the result of the 6-14 unnecessary deaths of Bergdhals unit members.

    There is support that these service members were already in harms way, but unnecessary searches for an indivual who had no more care than to walk off, at night from his assigned guard duty post was unnecessary.  The actions this administration has taken, the firm stance in that belief that it was the "right thing to do", just proves to those families that they're sons, husbands, fathers, uncles, cousins, brothers died for no good reason since those unit members knew he was in the custody of the Taliban cause Bergdhal went looking for them. And how do any of us know that those who were killed was not from the result of Bergdhal giving tattical information to the enemy?

    What I'm saying is this: at the conculsion of military actions in Afghanistan, Bergdhal would have been released anyway. Now this administration is saying they saved Bergdhal from death after five years and not because he was in failing health. That means this administration, all on its own, decided to circumvent standard procedures, policies and the law. If the past actions of this administration is viewed on this correctly and honestly, then Bergdhal being traded is nothing more than a political stunt by the super star messiah. 

    By which then is an open handed slap to the face of every Gold Star mother whose sons went looking for this coward because this cowards mother gets her baby back so she can give him a big old bear hug.

    WOW what a time to be in ugh? Where one mother gets a traditor back and mothers whose sons went looking for this coward go to the graves of their sons.That's their homecoming..placing flowers on the stones of their sons. 

  • President Obama spoke yesterday and he sees this as "whipped up" controversy.  He is an absolute bafoon!

  • Wow....

  • I did ukfan answer your question, but I can go more in depth. As for the promotion I read it still can't believe it. It goes against all UCMJ regulations and it is a severe slap in the face of all the enlisted members in these 2 wars that gained thier promotions HONESTLY and honorably. Now to your question

    If it were my son, that would make me a traditor too because I encouraged him to take the necessary action he felt he needed to take. My closest quess is this. Bergdhal thought and may have talked it over with his father that if he surrendered that the Taliban would send him home. Telling them that he didn't want to be there fighting against a people he respected, There were other opitions he could have taken and the punishment would not have been at the hands of the enemy.

    So my answer would be NO.If it were my son who deserted, abandoned, walked away, skipped, jumped rope, low crawled, ready rush, from his assigned duty and post searching for the enemy to give comfort, or aid to, then he would be all on his own no matter how much it tore me up inside. He proved where his loyalities lie and he turned his back on his fellow soldiers and country by his actions. That is beyond reproach of anything that comes his way now. He has no remorse for his actions and the families of those who died in these 2 wasr are getting slapped open handed right in the face by this administration and its supporters and cheering squads.

    *** this individual any different than those who died, or should he be deserving any other treatment than that of a traditor or deserter? No he shouldn't and the only reason you and  liberal democrats are behind what has happened is because of Obama. Supporting this decision you purposely pi$$ on  the very graves of those brave men and women who gave their lives in these wars. 

  • assumption. And you didn't answer my question about if this was your family member or child.

  • Breaking news:  its just  been announced the war is over all Taliban love America now.  Shew finally we are all safe and sound.  And the 5 released leaders pose no threat as we remove troops and end the war.....hhhmmm I don't remember a war going on or boots on the ground when they attacked the WTC the 1st time and I don't remember a war when they drove planes into **** killing some 3,000 men, women and children.  Folks our country is being led by a blooming freakin IDIOT!!!  Try watching the video of people jumping to their death from thr WTC splattering to their death to keep from being burned alive from jet fuel.  They hated our country before the war and hate it still today!  You can't run the WH and the war on terror like a community organizer.  They don't play fair they play to KILL President Odumma. You cannot reason with TERRORISTS!

  • PFP no worries...It was announced today the 5 terrorists leaders are secure in Qatar(well they aren't really secure they can go wherever they want).  But again Hakuna Matata President Obama made them pinky swear, no fingers crossed, not to leave Qatar for right......So Mr President if they do leave Qatar before that year is up,  what do you plan on doing you moron?

  • From what I have gathered the Army has promoted this young man twice since his capture. 

    I really wish when you make assumptions like this that you would provide your source of "gathering". In case you missed what I said he violated his general orders that are standing orders from day one of basic whihc of there are 3. The first and most iomporant one is:I WILL GUARD EVEFRYTHING WITHIN THE LIMIST OF MY POST AND QUIT MY POST ONLY WHEN PROPERLY RELIEVED. He walked away from his post, that right there is an automatic Court-Martial in peacetime, during war guess what it could be?  So there is no promotion given to an individual while subspected, or being brought up on charges under the UCMJ. It might have been 20+ years since I've had to reference the UCMJ, but I'm dam sure convinced that I remember that little tid bit. I processed so many of them I was reading them in my sleep.

    Perhaps you mistaken de-motion for pro-motion.

    So if this had been your son or daughter would you not want the government to find a way to secure their freedom?

     Allow me to explain. Under no circumstances whatsoever should 5 high ranking terrorists ever be used as a bargining chip regardless of the association of the individual being held. This was done without any future concern of American lives, against the law that the messiah himself signed, and now he's sorry hedidn't notify Congress that it was an over sight? GIVE ME A FOOKEN BREAK.. enough is enough. How can you honestly keep supporting a lunatic that has no common sense in  doing anything legally or logically?

    If I had my way, I'd bring his happy sorry goat smell'n arse back here ASAP, but him on public military trail and send one he!!ofa message to any future sympathizer wearing the US military uniform. This is not the America I trained to protect, or grew up in. This place is turning into some Wes Craven nightmare with a Steven King Clown in charge.

    When one American is not worth the effort to be found, we as Americans have lost.

     Tell that to Hillary next time you 2 have a little chat.......BTW this administration knew where he was so looking for him wasn't a problem. The problem is having a no bawls leader.

  • It’s true that Bergdahl was never officially categorized as a “prisoner of war,” since the Pentagon apparently stopped using that designation years ago. But he was defined as “missing/captured,” which is essentially the same thing. And while the Taliban fighters who were released were likewise not formally designated prisoners of war, either, because of the odd, formally undeclared status of the war with Afghanistan, that’s what they were. As President Obama said Tuesday morning, “This is what happens at the end of wars.” Imagine the outrage if the president brought the troops home from Afghanistan but left Bergdahl behind.

  • Of course Republicans are going to compare the prisoner swap that won the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl to Benghazi. They both start with B. It leads to their favorite words that start with I: investigation, and possibly impeachment. Is it their lack of a nuance gene...or are they just dense?

  • Like I said ...I am waiting for this to play out and learn ALL the facts before making a judgement. The war is ending and these POWs will have to be dealt with. The ones that were released were scheduled to be released anyways. Also Bush ..yes Bush released hundreds of Gitmo prisoners no outcry there. Also I recall that we traded with the enemy when they released John McCain no outcry there either. But of course Mr. McCain is very much against the trade that Obama did. How ironic......

    As a matter of fact...a ex-Bush offical said that Bush would have done the same thing as Obama. From what I have gathered the Army has promoted this young man twice since his capture. Since when do they promote deserters?

    So if this had been your son or daughter would you not want the government to find a way to secure their freedom?

    When one American is not worth the effort to be found, we as Americans have lost.

  • pitch: "I actually didn't think Obama could get any lower unitl this."

    Well, your hero Ronald Raygun sure did when not only negotiated with Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini but actually stole T.O.W. anti-aircraft munitions from Pentagon warehouses and shipped them to Tehran, receiving the money for them in black bank accounts and sending it to right wing death squads in Nicaragua. 

    Even with the worst possible scenario that you N-word in the White House haters are spewing, it ain't as bad as that. 

  • Maybe Bowe had really good reasons to walk away from his unit.  It sounds like the soldier either had a case of PTSD or PTAD (Pat Tillman's Awareness Disorder).  And what normal person who had been thrust into that hellhole wouldn't?  Harken back to another soldier who was gung ho when he entered this war but after bouncing the rubble and children in Afghanistan for a while became totally against the US being there...that being Ranger Pat Tillman.

    Pat Tillman was well-known to American sports fans: a chisel-jawed and talented young professional football star, he was on the brink of signing a million dollar contract when, in 2001, al-Qaeda launched terrorist attacks against his country. Driven by deeply felt moral patriotism, he walked away from fame and money to enlist in the United States Special Operations Forces. A year later he was killed - apparently in the line of fire - on a desolate hillside near the Pakistan border in Afghanistan. News of Tillman's death shocked America. But even as the public mourned his loss, the US Army aggressively maneuvered to conceal the truth: that it was a ranger in Tillman's own platoon who had fired the fatal shots. In Where Men Win Glory, Jon Krakauer reveals how an entire country was deliberately deceived by those at the very highest levels of the US army and government. 

    Despite his fame, Tillman did not want to be used for propaganda purposes. He spoke to friends about his opposition to President Bush and the Iraq war, and he had made an appointment with notable government critic Noam Chomsky for after his return from the military. The destruction of evidence linked to Tillman's death, including his personal journal, led his mother to speculate that he was murdered. General Wesley Clark agreed that it was "very possible".

    After reports of Tillman's anti-war views became public, Ted Rall, who had previously written a comic calling Tillman a "fool" and "idiot," said that he was wrong to have assumed Tillman to be a "right wing poster child" when Tillman regarded the invasion of Iraq as illegal.  And some say that that is why his own Rangers killed him.

  • Waiting for the whole story to unfold. Not going to rush judgement here like so many have done before. Even if this young man did walk away from his unit he is still an American human being. He was a POW and we as a country have vowed to never leave them behind. If he did wrong then the Army will see that justice is handed down.

    Walking away from your unit? You have such a candid way of expressing him being a deserter. There is a difference between walking away-deserting- and being captured on the field. He status of POW has not been met and just because he was in the company of an enemy, and the administration says does not grant that status. Collaborator's are a different animal altogether.

    He defected, he left his post, he broke his first General Order by walked away from his responsibility to protect his unit while on guard duty in his OP. This whole BS of him searching for the enemy taking only water, map, and a compass and leaving his weapon behind can only explain his intentions, He sure as he!! ain't Rambo. If he was the Taliban would have been killed not the six members of his unit out looking for a deserter.

    I'm just wondering if the map he had was tattooed with the locations of other units OP and CP and was used by the Taliban to attack those posts.

    ukfan you make it known that Bush started this war, killed thousands of servicemen and women and are rentless in your convictions to that. How can you not to see this action taken by this administration has endangeed Americans world wide? Is it because it's the messiah doing it? That he can do no wrong in anything? Or are you going to somehow find away when Americans now are taken hostage blame Bush for that?

    It's sad when you see detrimental that you cannot call it detrimental and ignore detrimental to stay so loyal that good judgement has escaped your everyday thoughts. Just because Obama done it doesn't give it any more strength of it being the right thing to do than if Bush had done the very same thing. A deserter is a deserter regardless of whose in the chair at the White House. Trading five deadly terrorists that are respoisible for thousands of lives being taken for one individual that lacked conviction for his duties to his fellow unit members is a disgrace of the highest order. I actually didn't think Obama could get any lower unitl this.

  • A compulsive liar lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  Shovel ready projects:lie.  Keep your plan keep your dr:lie. Benghazi was bcuz of you tube video:lie.  IRS no corruption:lie.  Now we have GITMO and Sgt Bowe.  Obama himself signed the LAW that said he must notify Congress 30 days before releasing  detainees.  He knew this was the LAW bcuz when it first happened he said yes it's the LAW but he believed the Law was unconstitutuional and he had the authority to ignore it.  First of all last time I checked the courts decided what law was unconstitutional.  But the LIE is folks now after being called on the carpet over releasing the detainees the WH released a statement now saying it was an "oversight" they forgot to inform Congress.  Folks how do you forget something like that?  Well he didn't you bunch of sheeple.  Like I said he knew he had to notify them, he knew it was the law, it had nothing to do with "oversight" its time for impeachment proceedings.  This idiot just released 5 terrorists who were greeted at home like heroes and where the President himself said they retrun to terrorists activities.  Ya think.........

  • From what I have read this Andrew Tahmooressi had checked into a hotel in Tijuana and that same day went back to the US and got into his truck and drove back over to Mexico in his truck that had an AR-15 rifle, .45 caliber pistol, a 12 gauge shot gun and 400 rounds of ammo. Pray tell why did he need all those guns and ammo? If someone from another country was caught with that much firepower crossing the border we would have stopped and arrested them too.

    You see every story has more than one side to them.

    Sara Palin was on the internet praying for the safe return of that "Obama" made that happen she has changed her mind. Imagine that......

  • The US has all along negotiated with the guerrillas it has fought on the battlefield. William Howard Taft (later president) in the Philippines was all for negotiation with Filipinos who rejected US rule, and he created “attraction zones” to win them over. At the conclusion of the Aguinaldo resistance to US occupation in 1902, Teddy Roosevelt declared a general amnesty for the resistance fighters. These resistance fighters had committed some atrocities, including on captured US troops, but Roosevelt just let them walk free. Talk softly, carry a big stick, and let all the terrorists go, seems to have been his motto.

    The US negotiated with the Viet Cong in South Vietnam, who were very much analogous to the Taliban and whom the US would now certainly term “terrorists.” In 1973, the US used intermediaries to negotiate with the Viet Cong for release of captured US soldiers at Loc Ninh. Americans on the political right made a huge issue about 1300 US soldiers never having been released by the Viet Cong (only about 400 were), and the shame that these men were left on the battlefield by the Nixon and Ford administrations. Conservatives seem to want to have it both ways. If you negotiate the release of US captives with the enemy you are “negotiating with terrorists.” If you don’t, then you have left soldiers behind on the battlefield. The fact is that the only way to have freed them was to have offered something for them in detailed negotiations. As for the Viet Cong “terrorists,” many of them are in government now and the US has cordial relations with them.

    In the 1980s radical Shiites in Lebanon took American hostages. In order to free them, the Reagan administration not only negotiated with Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini but actually stole T.O.W. anti-aircraft munitions from Pentagon warehouses and shipped them to Tehran, receiving the money for them in black bank accounts and sending it to right wing death squads in Nicaragua. Khomeini and his government were listed as terrorists by the State Department at the time, and selling weapons to Iran was highly illegal. Not only that, but the US was allied with Iraq at the time, so Reagan screwed over Baghdad this way. Reagan did it, in part to free US hostages in Lebanon (Iran put pressure on its clients for their release).

    As for encouraging groups to take US hostages, if the GOP really is so worried about this outcome they should stop putting the idea in the minds of terrorists by trumpeting it all over the news media. There was no rash of hostage-taking of Americans after Reagan bribed Iran to have them released, so the expectation is ahistorical.

    The Israelis did a prisoner swap, at 1000 to one, for Gilad Shalit, and it hasn’t caused more Israelis to be captured. Why do right wing Americans only hold up Israel as a model when it acts unwisely, rather than when it (as it often does) acts pragmatically?

    In fact, groups like the Taliban are always trying to take US personnel captive. Every day all day. This agreement changes nothing. The reason they only had one American in captivity was not the US policy of not negotiating. It is because guerrilla groups find it difficult to kidnap people from hardened bases and other such relatively secure facilities.

  • Waiting for the whole story to unfold. Not going to rush judgement here like so many have done before. Even if this young man did walk away from his unit he is still an American human being. He was a POW and we as a country have vowed to never leave them behind. If he did wrong then the Army will see that justice is handed down.

  • Naw, according to the polls it looks like rats leaving a sinking ship.

  • BTW n4s, have you noticed that the clown brigade hasn't posted any support for him yet? Usually when you bad type the messiah the trolls are all over it. Guess I didn't use the right bait bawwhaaaa.

    Or the under the bridge union won't give the time off to post. lmao

  • This is the fundmental change he spoke of when he first ran for the office in 2008.He wasn't vetted properly, people were so rushed to elect our first minority president  on his promises of being transparent, open, honest, and maintain laws of the Constitution that the Democratic party threw Hillary under the bus.

    After he got in the 180 turn came into play and he's been a diaster ever since. There was a chance to fire him, and it was blown all to he!!. Now we're stuck with this nightmare and can't wake up from it.

    I whole heartly believe that he ordered the State Department to stand down and kept them from helping those in Benghazi.Now he gets a radical American in the Rose Garden thanking the Taliban in Arabic of all things, yet labels returning and former military members, and Tea Party members as terrorists.

    I'm not as surprised if his actions as I once was. I'm just patiently waiting for the other shoe to drop.

  • Well it keeps growing.  Sec of State John Kerry announced we will work with the new Palestine government even though it contains members of Hamas.

  • I actually believe this occupier is doing his best to facilitate a civil war between all of us. If the Republican party doesn't get a cohesive platform and be united to that platform we are going to see civil unrest. Personally I'd rather not, but logically it's brewing up a storm across the country. This action he took just made Americans targets for trade world wide. If I was anywhere outside America other than a military base, my hind end would be on a plane home in less than a New York minute.

    I just cannot believe how many Americans think like him. It's like an outta control Hitchcock movie. This deserters father speaks to him in Arabic sumptin's wrong with that. Think the messiah has bit off more than he could swallow. There's got to be a pattern to all of his stupidity. No one with common sense acts like this and keeps a position where lives are at risk. No one that is an American that is.

  • About to be might be wrong PFP we were introduced to FUBAR when this law breaking, liar, inept, weak, race baiting, fairness creating, socialist was put in office almost 5 years ago.  There is a sequel to Steven Seagal "Above the law 2" about to released starring Barack Obama hismelf.  Don't forget his illegal executive orders, don't forget the over 30 changes to the "healthcare" once it was made law.  Congress is a bunch of idiots and are basically useless.  However they truly run this country and they had better beware because Obama is about to suck that power away.  That thing they like to call outdated is still law.  Even though Congress s****  we created the seperation of powers for that exact reason to prevent one branch of government especiially the executive branch from becoming to powerful.  The day the executive branch has all the power which is fastly approaching we will be a Communist state.  Ran by a monarchal ego maniac.  Once he gains that power will the legislators to support his will/causes and when the people oppose it he will use the judges he put in place to make it all "legal" like.  And the sad thing is if America doesn't act soon there will be a female replica of whats in office now and maybe worse