5 years of history

Obama Fan Published:

Look at the last 5 years of history of events since Obama took office.  Once you educate yourself about those 5 years then read up on Cloward Piven Strategy. 

Nuff said!!!

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  • Someone got a kiss from his boyfriend.

  • ;-)

  • Zing!

  • robert1, June 17, 2014 12:52PM

    "Perhaps Mr. Uno would prefer a lisp?" 

    How would you spell that..."hurryeth"?  Shucks son, then the Bible is full of of lisps.  If it is good enough for the Bible, why not YOU?

  • Perhaps Mr. Uno would prefer a lisp?

  • "You better hurray..." 

    You were just writing with a Southern drawl ukfan!

  • Laughing so hard I misspelled hurry.....like Rick Perry says "oops"!

  • Obama Fan....I hear that it's "tin hat" give away day at Fox News. You better hurray I hear they are going fast.

  • I think that Obama "Big A$$" Fan should educate himself about what has been going on outside of the FOX News bubble where he has been hiding for the last 5 years...as I have seen no indication that he has ever done so.  I also challenge Obama "Big A$$" Fan to specifically tell us what "events" he is referring to that would indicate the President Obama is embarking down a similar path towards a Cloward Piven Strategy,as the cryptic message above is not "Nuff said!!!"  That is laughable!