Knock Knock

Obama Fan Published:

Iraq is in shambles, the border is in chaos, the IRS lost their emails, the economy is in the tank.....etc etc etc.  What are Obama and Democrats worried about? The Redskins nickname.  A few weeks back 50 Democrats sent a letter to the Redskins demanding a name change.  Reid said he would not attend another game while they remained the Redskins.  Obama says he doesn't care since as he says he is not the owner and has no stake in the matter.  Well President Odumma you do have a stake.  First in 2009 a group demanded the change and the courts denied it.  But as usual Odumma and the Dem's dont care about court or law.  So the group cries foul and Reid and Dem's jump on board.  The Redskins say take a leap and buzz off.   Then out of the blue the U.S. patent office(run by the government) revokes the Redskins trademark.  The board  voted 2-1 to revoke the trademark.  hhhmm board appointed political hacks vote that way right after Reid and Dem's demands aren't met.  Now back to Odummas stake.  If they are forced to change their name that will costs $.  Resulting in lost revenue.  Lost revenue means lost jobs, lost taxes.  So Odumma and the Dem's henchmen over at the patent office just over rode a court ruling....knock knock; whose there?  Communism.......folks its here and its knocking on the door and we better act before they kick the door in and if this administration stays in place they may open the door for them!

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