SECURE YOUR PETS - fireworks are coming

Dog Advocate Published:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE secure your family pets (both dogs and cats) during the next few evenings when we can expect large public fireworks displays and neighborhood celebrations.  You can't explain to your pets what's coming, but you can bring them into your homes and keep them safe and avoid them getting too freaked out and running off.  Don't wait until the fireworks begin - it may be too late.  Too many pets are lost forever because they bolt and get too far from home and by the time the commotion dies down, the pets are totally lost.


Put your own pets in, suggest to your neighbors they do the same - let's all look out for our four-legged friends and make this a safe 4th of July holiday for all.


Don't forget the poor dog Copper that started a revolution at the humane society a few years ago and was gone forever to his loving family - unfortunately, the situation began with the dog getting spooked by fireworks.  Be smart - keep your pets safe.

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  • I've heard that the Thundershirts are very well respected by dog lovers, but not sure if they'd be very effective during the shock & awe of fireworks.  But hey, they couldn't hurt!

  • Don't forget ID tags and chipping if you can afford it. The ID tags are available out of a machine at Wal-Mart for 5 bucks. The chips cost around 50 dollars and have to be put in by a vet. Both can give your pet a better chance of getting  safely home.

    My old dog couldn't care less about fireworks but the young one doesn't like them or thunderstorms. I am considering a Thundershirt. Any comments DA?