3lb Crappie

Don Petro Published:

Hello, my name is Donald Petro, I am an avid fisherman and fan of Kentucky Afield & Tim Farmer.  I always watch the show, I fish on Ohio River at George Rogers Clark Locks and Dams, at the Wickets, the Duct Pond Wall, the Hydros, up top and the Lower Dam, depending on what the water is doing.  I catch strippers, hybrid strippers, and many other types of fish.  I also fish Kentucky Lake in Blood River where i caught a 3lb Crappie. Below is a picture of the 3lb Crappie I caught in Blood River.  Thank you, have a great day!

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  • At one time many years ago, a fish of tha size would have been plentiful.

    Not many three pounders remaining.

    Hint: Kentucky Lak has some excellent smallmouth fishing and some tropjhy largemouth bass.