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I don't wish to write an article. I just want someone to investigate the very dangerous I64... More

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Sellus Wilder Closing Remarks

Here's a video of my closing remarks as a City Commissioner, taken on December 17, 2012. I think... More

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I wonder where the last six months of Citizen News went... More

  • Steve Fry
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Waffle House Shame

To Whom It May Concern, I am a Black woman in her early sixties who loves to travel and just... More

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In Good Conscience

The Gatewood Galbraith Medical Marijuana Memorial Act has been designated as Senate Bill 11 for... More

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BOOOOOO To The State Journal

BOOOOOO to whoever made the decision to remove the Citizen News & Opinion from the front page... More

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UK's Last Game

It's really too bad that U.K. got beat by 3 points, isn't it? LOL ! LOL ! More

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Harm Reduction As Policy

Here we go again! Another article in the Kentucky Enquirer deploring the number of heroin... More

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Red Cross bad reputation

I receive an article/video from Grassroots that the Red Cross was mis-using the money that they... More

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Thank You from Go Frankfort

Go Frankfort would like to thank the over 230 volunteers that were a part of our November 17th... More

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