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A Fools Bussing Process

To: The people of Louisville, KY. This is an out of town writer letting you know that sanity... More

  • Edward Gartz
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EBT card at smoke shop?

Why would a smoke shop be allowed to accept EBT cards? It must be more convenient for welfare... More

  • anonymous_1499
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no playground in Bellpoint

There is a beautiful park in Bellpoint, the area is full of children, mostly playing in the... More

  • Mark Greenwell
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Probably unable to read

As a former police officer from years ago, I know the law still exists when you come to a stop... More

  • anonymous_1756
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"Smart People"

In Washington DC recently, Rick Santorum addressed the Conservative Values Voter Summit with, "We... More

  • anonymous_1713
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For All To See

As the procession moved down the street, one of the children pointed and shouted, “He has no... More

  • thomas vance
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A War of Total Destruction

An opinion piece published in the Cincinnati Enquirer 13 September 2012 titled , “Lives... More

  • thomas vance
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I read the State Journal article and noticed a glaring omission from the article. A big issue... More

  • Parking Woes
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Old prison cemetery?

Does anyone have any information about the prisoners' graveyard at the old Kentucky State Prison... More

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I was shopping yesterday (Thursday, September 6, 2012) at the Sam's Club in... More

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Fall Kickoff and Events

Quest Community Church is hosting QPZA week at our Frankfort Campus. Starting with Amp'd 2.0 on... More

  • Cathy Montgomery
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Court to Decide Pot's Danger

In 1970 when the Federal Government decided on a plan to rate drugs as to their usefulness or... More

  • thomas vance
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The month of July was full of environmental education fun at Cove Spring Park. The kids and... More

  • Christena taylor
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The Gaping Hole

Now that the Affordable Care Act has been ok’d by the Supreme Court the Act’s provisions are... More

  • thomas vance
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