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James "Buddy" Rodgers

James "Buddy" Bradley Rodgers, 79, died July 27, 2012 at Providence Alaska Medical Center in... More

  • Nick Rodgers
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Topping trees is WRONG

In the aftermath of our recent storms some "tree service" people have been going door to door... More

  • Grackle
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A climate for conspiracy More

  • Michael Mills
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Helping the Hart family

No parent should ever feel the pain of loosing a child. Audrey Hart a single mother left her home... More

  • carla dean
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This tells the story of why Bush was so bad at the end of his term. Don’t just skim over this,... More

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Article Layout

Dear State-Journal web team - Could you please have the articles come up as a page, rather than... More

  • tamedshrew
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Missing Pocket Beagle

Around 10:00 last night Maci, a tri color beagle that weighs about 10 pounds ran away when she... More

  • Tiffany Miller
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