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I loved watching and listening to a great president last night - Barack Obama.  History will... More

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Man saves woman on fire

DISCLAIMER - I don't want credit for this story but I do want to make you aware of something that... More

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Undoing a Deception

The Legislators who appeared on the January 5th 2015 episode of Kentucky Tonight on Kentucky... More

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One Hundred Wasted Years

Andy Beshear, candidate for Kentucky Attorney General, writes in a column that appeared on the... More

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The Assembly Should Act

When the Assembly meets in Januaryit should focus on Cannabis legislation!!   We should be... More

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5% and the truth

Well the almighty emperor finally admitted the truth.  Announced today the 35 states... More

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Then There Is This...

Alison Grimes supports cannabis law reform.  Mitch McConnell favors continuing prohibition.  They... More

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