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Who Is Really to Blame?

    Obama administration officials deny that lenient policies (including a 2012 Executive order... More

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The War On Coal, Hot Dirty Air

There has been a bevy of political advertisements, which I imagine; we will be seeing ad nausea,... More

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Ask these questions

1. If former President George W. Bush was un-American for adding $4 trillion to the national... More

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Knock Knock

Iraq is in shambles, the border is in chaos, the IRS lost their emails, the economy is in the... More

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5 years of history

Look at the last 5 years of history of events since Obama took office.  Once you educate yourself... More

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Lois Lerner & IRS

Not even a smidgeon of corruption; says Obama.  Wonder if he consider the couple years and... More

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Back Burner

On thr back burner of news.  The failed website of is being revamped.  Why?... More

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Gitmo Detainees

I am still not sure what to think about the solider who went AWOL.  Was he a troubled young man... More

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Obama 2009

"We'er keeping our promise to fulfill another top priority at the VA cutting the red tape and... More

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Obama's Solution

First let me say I support our veterans 100%.  The VA scandal is outrageous.  The idiot President... More

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