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Lois Lerner & IRS

Not even a smidgeon of corruption; says Obama.  Wonder if he consider the couple years and... More

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Back Burner

On thr back burner of news.  The failed website of is being revamped.  Why?... More

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Gitmo Detainees

I am still not sure what to think about the solider who went AWOL.  Was he a troubled young man... More

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Obama 2009

"We'er keeping our promise to fulfill another top priority at the VA cutting the red tape and... More

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Obama's Solution

First let me say I support our veterans 100%.  The VA scandal is outrageous.  The idiot President... More

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Senate Democrats

You know Obama's famous words "we must act and we must act now without delay"  he said that about... More

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Executive Orders

Obama loves to use his magic pen and sign executive orders.  So there is a simple solution to... More

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50 Democrats

Economy, Gitmo, Ukraine Crisis, Unemployment, most people on welfare ever, healthcare disaster,... More

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Napier Graduates with Honors

Tammy Clifton Napier of Frankfort, graduated Magna *** Laude from Mid-Continent University at a... More

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Inept Cost $ 1 Billion

Hear that?  Nope of course not because nobody is reporting that the website is... More

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Inept Again

The VA's crisis is growing.  In 2008 the Obama administration was warned about this exact... More

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Who's Got Your Back?

With all the scrambling over the upcoming midterm elections it is prudent to remember what is at... More

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In the last couple years of change you can believe in the middle class continues to struggle.... More

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America is Falling

The IRS targets citizens.  A militant group intimidates voters and case is dismissed.  Our... More

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Who is brave

Have you heard the name Michael Sam?  Who has been all over the news for being the openly gay NFL... More

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I feel you will find this a great human interest story,      My sister came from Florida to... More

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Ogreena Panels

Well Obama had the solar panels installed on The White House....the cost? Classified security... More

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