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27 and Counting

Well Obama is on 27 and counting on changes to the healthcare law.   Funny all  the liberals and... More

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Is It Fair? Stormwater Fee

I$ it fair that the hou$e on the left pay$ the $ame $tormwater fee a$ the hou$e on the right.... More

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I'll just leave this here.

Initially designed to support the Superbowl Coca-Cola commercial, but applies to many situations. More

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Changes to worship schedule

FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, 100 Clinton Street, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601 has issued the following... More

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Another $90 MILLION

Well the $635 million wasn't enough for the no bid contract for CGI to do More

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Well we are on day from the great Obamacare starting period.  According to the lexington herald... More

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Five Generations Gather

Recently five generations gathered.  Seated is Donna Long, Frankfort, Myra Boyson, Frankfort, Ida... More

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Dog was found in frankfort on 421 north about 10 miles out from U.S. 127. If you have any... More

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