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Well we are on day from the great Obamacare starting period.  According to the lexington herald... More

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Five Generations Gather

Recently five generations gathered.  Seated is Donna Long, Frankfort, Myra Boyson, Frankfort, Ida... More

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Dog was found in frankfort on 421 north about 10 miles out from U.S. 127. If you have any... More

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After all this conflict with what's going on inside Fiscal Court, I will agree that anyone is... More

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Voting Against Yourself

While preparing to write a comparison of Republican and Democratic positions for the upcoming... More

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Nice cairn.

To the creator of these minor masterpieces in Peaks Mill, I say thank you. Your efforts have not... More

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STOP the Blue Grass Pipeline!!!

New Pioneers for a Sustainable Future is a KY citizen organization based in Washington County -... More

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Healthcare Worries Are Over

For those of you who lost your plan, or saw your coverage drop, or saw your costs go up, or can't... More

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Another Lie

Well just watched the news conference given by the great one in chief.  He just said those who... More

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Progressive Democrats

Progressive extreme liberal Democrats like Obama, Reid, Pelosi rely on dependency to stay in... More

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