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HAMP Home Affordable Modification Program put in place by Obama under the Troubled Asset Relief... More

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U.S. Army declares war on coal!!

Heard about the latest government entity to "declare war on coal?"  Yes, the U. S. Army realizes... More

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Obamacare 2015

Well the "great one" has decided to push parts of the ACA to 2015 instead of 2014.  Why is that?... More

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I DO NOT AGREE . . . with this ordinance.  If the ordinance did not benefit the "gay" group at... More

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Garbage truck catches fire

A Legacy Carting trash truck catches fire at 340 Greenfields Ln on Tuesday at around 9:45... More

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Obama Climate Plan

President Obama laid out his climate control plan.   Its good to know he is finally going to keep... More

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Where's the Beef?

One of the best advertisements of the last 50 years was a television commercial for hamburgers.... More

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Hemp History Week

This June 3rd to 9th is the 4th Annual Hemp History Week. What do you know about Cannabis and... More

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Make Me Whole

I began working for Kentucky State Government in 2007. In 2009 I was wrongfully terminated for a... More

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