From what I've been reading, and hearing, this community now has three planning offices, the city's planning office, the county's planning office, and CCEIDA. What we need is somebody to care about jobs and opportunities for those of us who are unemployed or underemployed, and there's a lot in this town. My opinion, neither Judge Collins and the magistrates, nor Mayor Graham and the city commissioners care about us having jobs and opportunities.


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    join me please  JAS


    A position by
    Jim Anderson Stivers
    For County Judge     MAY PRIMARY

    For the past four years or so years I have tried to point out the perception of politics and cut through the bull dunk and TRY to seek some reality by writing letters to the editor of the State Journal. Many times what you read is the politicians’ account of things.

    News from the political world is normally layered with ‘perceptions’. To turn our courthouse over to another career politician will not solve this problem.To attempt to cause change, outside the system, is a useless endeavor! Politico of many years in office are, PART OF THE PROBLEM.

    We need news faces, new visions and careful control of spending. The current affairs at the Franklin County courthouse are troubling by playing the political blame game. Citizens need more sunshine on all County affairs and a candidate with a vision for our future. I will offer my experience and assistance to the present structure of the Economic Development office and work closely with the board to develop new leads and better paying jobs for our citizens’. 

    I am the only profesionaly trained candidate with sixten years experience  in Economic Developement! Please  join me. Jim A. Stivers