Medical Marijuana As Fiction


The Federal Government claims that marijuana is dangerous and has no medical value. The Government in Washington spends roughly 50 billion a year to maintain this fiction. Sixteen states now have laws providing for the medical
use of marijuana. The President has promised not to allow the Drug Enforcement Administration to raid medical marijuana facilities in states that have medical marijuana laws provided the facilities are compliant with state law. The
Veterans Administration has an official policy on medical marijuana. The new official policy stops a long standing unwritten practice of withholding
treatment from veterans who test positive for marijuana. Under the new policy the VA will no longer withhold treatment but only in states that have medical marijuana laws. The old policy as written left the decision up to the
individual doctor even though that was not done in practice. The Federal Government is still filling monthly prescriptions for medical marijuana from it's Mississippi facility to patients left over from the old Investigational
Drug / Compassionate Care Program. That program provided medical marijuana to patients with certain conditions. When it was swamped with applicants from people suffering from Hiv/Aids, President H. W. Bush, in a disappointing show of
indifference to suffering, killed the program instead of opening it up to more people. Patients already enrolled in the program sued in court and the Government has been providing their medical marijuana ever since. In addition
to this, the 10 year old petition to reschedule marijuana to allow it to be prescribed by a doctor is only awaiting approval by the Drug Enforcement Administration.
The Government's official positions on medical marijuana are in direct conflict. That the Federal Government should maintain the fiction that there is no such thing as medical marijuana boggles the mind and should be a source of embarrassment to the entire government. This position deserves as much ridicule as the Catholic Church declaring that Galileo did not see what he saw and that the Sun still revolves around the Earth.
Medical marijuana is a fact. Marijuana is effective in alleviating the symptoms of many diseases and conditions. Marijuana is particularly effective in controlling neuropathic pain, the kind of pain that results from crushed
spines and severed limbs. Marijuana is also reported by many who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress to have provided them with , 'the best nights sleep since the incident'. Medical marijuana is perfectly suited for treating suffering of our battle scarred veterans.
The Federal Government currently has in place a system that could easily provide medical marijuana to the Veterans Administration pharmacy system with little problem. The amount of suffering endured by Veterans who, having been fortunate to survive their service, must now carry on with a lifetime of pain and disability
cannot be calculated. We have the medicine and the ability to alleviate much of this suffering. As a nation that owes it's very existence to the sacrifice and valor of it's veterans it is unconscionable to allow their suffering to
continue. The policy of marijuana prohibition has proven a failure. Now, it has come to this choice. Do we allow the continued suffering of those we owe everything to, or admit our course is wrong and act accordingly. Kentucky can
protect it,s Veterans from the capriciousness of the Federal Government by passing a medical marijuana law for Kentucky's veterans during the next session of the Assembly. Those who have given all await the Assembly's compassion. How will it answer them?

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