Obama, Green, $500 Million


Know what those 3 things have in common?
Let's start with Solyndra a solar panel company that President Obama personally supported and gave over $500 MILLION in TAXPAYER guaranteed loans to build solar panels(green jobs).
Well since they have gone bankrupt, the jobs they created are gone. The $500 MILLION taxpayer dollars is lost unless you were a private investor (Obama supporter) who will get their money back before taxpayers do. Oh and they are under investigation now by the FBI for possible criminal acts.http://abcnews.go.com/Blotter/car-company-us-loan-builds-cars-finland/story?id=14770875
Now lets look at Fisker Karma Sports another Obama supported green company to build electric cars and create green jobs. So let's see they got $529 MILLION in TAXPAYER guaranteed loans. In two years they produced a whopping 2 cars. Where were they made you ask? Finland..yep good job on creating jobs in Finland. How much do those cars cost $97,000 but dont worry relief is coming and they promise 40 more even though they are a year behind in production, have lost money in every quarter and will produce a cheaper $57,000 model. How many of us are buying 57,000 cars right now?

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