Amazing Recruiting!!!


No raises! No possibility of promotion! No retirement! Lower pay than people with the same degree and experience!

With a sales pitch like that, how are people not breaking down the doors to apply for state employment?

Another budget comes out, and again, state employees get the shaft.

How hard are people going to work with no (statutorily required) raises? How hard will they work with no possibility of promotion?
Answer: Just hard enough to not get fired.

How hard will people work when they can be laid off, even if they work hard enough to not get fired?
Answer: Even less.

I used to get to work early and stay late every day. I used to give 110%. My last annual evaluation reflected it. That day, I received "exceeds expectations" on all but maybe 4 categories. When I walked out of the evaluation, I went home (because it was the end of the day). The next day was a furlough day. Heck of a reward...

My next annual eval is this week or next week. I suspect it won't be as good as the last one, but it's still pretty good. Not that it matters.

Glad we can renovate Rupp Arena, though. I was about to lose sleep over that.

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