Whitney Houston is D-e-a-d


Ok, Saturday she had a funeral. It was broadcast for over 5 hours by Foxnews, CNN, HLN, and MSNBC. Why? Flags lowered to half mast. Why? The rich and famous were there all over he place.Of course Jesse Jackson was there, only be I didn't see was Al Sharpton.

She had some good songs made a few movies. So have many singers. But with all the platitudes, adjectives, superfluous language used by the "famous" religious folks and others, you would never have known she was a self admitted drug addict and one of the first primadonna Divas of all times.

Drugs and pills ruined her career. Cocaine ruined her vocal cords. Pills and alcohol probably will be determined the cause of her assign out and possibly drowning in her tub.

Where was her church, Jesse Jackson, Kevin Costner, her entourage, hanger oners, body guards, All the famous that attended the funeral while she was killing herself with pills, cocaine, heroin, alcohol, and who knows what else?

The major cable news networks celebrated a 20 year drug addict who had a good career in the 80's. what does this say to our children? Get famous, abuse every drug known to mankind, get beat by your man numerous times, and die famously

This woman could sing, she was beautiful, but she certainly was not a role model for anyone especially our young female children.

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