865 Lawn & Gardening

Leaf removal & mulching. Tree & limb removal. (502) 545-0666.`

Penn's Mowing & General Contracting. Commercial & Residential. Complete Lawn Care, Landscaping & Bushhogging and Home Repair. Free estimates. 227-4717 or 330-7278.`

CHAMBERS MOWING (502) 330-7355`

Leaf removal, gutter cleaning, lawn mowing, hedge trimming & removal, small tree removal. Will haul off junk. Excellent prices. Anything done. Call 545-0953`

For quality and dependable leaf removal at an affordable price call Kenny at 229-9474`

BILL'S FULL SERVICE LAWN CARE. You name it--We do it-- and right. Senior Discounts. 319-0961 or 226-5003 for a Free Estimate.`