13 dogs, 6 cats seized from home on Holmes Street

No charges against couple, 1 dog remains at the home

By Lindsey Erdody Published:

Thirteen dogs and six cats were seized Friday from a house on Holmes Street.

Animal-rescue group It’s All About the Animals, started by animal activist Trudi Johnson, was involved with the rescue and has taken custody of the dogs. The Franklin County Humane Society took the six cats.

Johnson said one dog remains in the house with the owner.

Frankfort Police Maj. Fred Deaton said there is an open criminal investigation for second-degree animal cruelty, but no charges have been filed.

Johnson said the animals weren’t living in good conditions, with the dogs being bred and not being let outside.

“It’s just a bad situation,” Johnson said. “We needed to get them taken care of.”

She said the couple caring for the animals didn’t understand they were doing anything wrong.

“I believe they need psychological help,” Johnson said. “I don’t believe they ever set out to do this.”

The 13 dogs are being cared for by members of It’s All About the Animals. Johnson said the dogs have been cleaned up, and they’re trying to socialize with them.

“They’re coming around,” Johnson said. “They’re sweet dogs.”

The address of the house and the names of the couple were not released.

Johnson said her group is working with a veterinarian in Lexington, but the medical bills will start piling up. If people wish to donate or help the dogs, they can contact her at itisallaboutheanimals@gmail.com or call 502-330-0884. To help with the cats, contact the Franklin County Humane Society at 502-875-7297.

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  • @curious,bodeen, MeanGene: you all hush now. You all ain't supposed to have that long a memory as far as past financial disasters. LOL

  • I agree with Curious and Bodeen. I'd want to see a financial report of Ms. Johnson's organization before donating anything. Her track record isn't good when it comes to money for animals. Just ask the humane society how her time on the board put them in a 5-digit deficit As far as her comment about the animals' owner having psychological problems, since when has Ms. Johnson become a practicing psychologist? Don't give a dime to Ms. Johnson or her organization. Instead run real fast and as far away from her as you can. Finally, I wish that WLEX 18 and The State Journal would stop jumping whenever Ms. Johnson calls.

  • Surely to God the owners of these animals turned them over to Trudi Johnson and her activist group. Otherwise, how can a non-law enforcement group "seize" animals with apparently the city police near or at least aware of what's going on. How can the city allow a group with no or little funding take control of 12 dogs while we city/county taxpayers pay over $100,000 per year to the Humane Society. Are us taxpayers going to fund another animal activist group? Will this be like other organizations in town that exist on a shoestring and eventually the city throws our money to them. I am in disbelief. We have the Chief/City Manager excusing one alleged crime of the Burriss lady and now a Major letting an activist group seize someone's animals. What is going on at City Hall?

  • I'm not saying that the animals should not have been taken but only by the proper authorities. These self proclaimed animal saviors who may mean well, doesn't need to be going around acting like they have authority. Frankfort doesn't need any more Barbera Murrays & Stephanie Brambletts running onto peoples properties & stealing animals or hiding them from the owners & if I am not mistaken, those two mentioned are associated with the founder of this group. Where were our DOG WARDENS at? They were not mentioned here & why are these animals already availiable for adoptions when people hasn't even been charged or found guilty. Who is determining the guilt, the same people who sneaks on peoples property & steals their animals? Also, I'm sure some people has degrees in psychology to properly evaluate people & determine that they need psychological help.

  • Thanks for the info, curious. If more people did research before making a donation they would save themselves from scams.

  • I don't understand how an organization may "take custody" of animals here. Are the city/county contracting to a new org or is the humane society subcontracting to this group? I don't find this new org listed at the Secretary of State's office, so makes me curious....

  • The contact email address is wrong in this article. The correct address is: itisallaboutheanimals@gmail.com