Dog shot defending owner will live

Two bullets remain in pit bull's forehead and neck area

By Ryan Quinn, Published:

Kanien Bane Cartwright, the pit bull mix who was shot several times defending his owner during a home invasion, will live. But two bullets will remain in his body.

"It's a miracle, it is," said his owner Laurel Cartwright, 23. "It's a blessing."

A man broke into Cartwright’s house on Polsgrove Street early Friday morning, pointed a .22-caliber handgun at her, robbed her and shot Kanien in the head several times when he moved to defend his owner.

The 7-year-old dog is walking and eating, Cartwright said. She has owned him since he was 6 weeks old.

Dr. Clint Bevins of the Animal Medical Center on Versailles Road saw the dog around 10 a.m. Friday and released it around noon. It had been taken to AA Small Animal Emergency Services in Lexington early Friday morning for immediate treatment.

“He actually looks pretty good for what he’s been through," Bevins said, adding that the dog has "a good spirit."

Two bullets remain in the dog's forehead and neck area. Bevins said the bullets are non-threatening, and Kanien will probably carry them the rest of its life. There are also some bullet holes in its ears from where other bullets passed through.

Kanien is currently being treated with pain relievers and antibiotics, Bevins said.

"He's got a pretty good headache," he said.

Frankfort Police arrived at Cartwright’s house around 3 a.m. Cartwright said she had been on the computer when her front door flew open and an unknown white male entered her home.

Her dog, which she said is very protective, rushed at the man, who shot at its head twice. The dog was startled for a second but started attacking again, and didn't stop until the man shot it twice more.

Cartwright said the man then stood two feet away from her and pointed the gun at her, telling her to give him “everything she had." He ran away with about $350, she said.

The man is described as white, 6-foot and 170 pounds with a thin build. He was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt with some type of white writing on the front and a mask that covered the lower portion of his face.

Cartwright said an old friend had left her house before the robbery after asking her to make change for a $20.

"I was hanging out with somebody, and an hour later I got robbed," she said, adding that she thinks her acquaintance set her up to be robbed by someone else and was there to see if she had cash. She said she had a good idea of who might have robbed her, but police have yet to name suspects.

Police are asking anyone with information to call Detective Alan Burton at 875-8523. Anonymous information may be given to Frankfort Crime Stoppers at 875-8648 or at Crime Stoppers may pay a cash reward of up to $1,000 for information leading to an arrest.

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  • My bet is that he is connected somehow to the woman for whom the victim made change for, and that he will be caught.

  • 1713, yeah everybody ought to lock their doors but in the end it doesn't matter if all of her windows & doors were open. None of that matters. She was in her own home & a man came in & robbed her. Not only robbed her but threw a gun in her face & then shot her dog who was doing what dogs do best. It doesn't matter what she was doing or who she socializes with, it was her home! This was a violent crime committed by a dangerous thug & this thug is going to be broke again & now the question is, WHO WILL BE HIS NEXT VICTIM? I hope it isn't our mothers, daughter, sisters or the rest of our families or friends.

  • If she was sitting in there with all of that cash, she should have had the door locked anyway. It is not her fault that this scum ball broke in on her, but some level of security was in order. But like ukfan says, he could have broken through a locked door. They don't make 'em like they used to.

  • So are you saying it's her fault because her door may not have been locked? Just maybe the idiot crashed through a locked door.

  • Her front door "flew open"? Was it even locked???

  • While I agree that it's good to have a pistol available for home protection, I don't think it would have helped in this case, unless the woman carried the gun around with her all the time in her home. Having two big protective dogs might have been better--they tend to work together. While the guy is shooting at one dog, the other one is taking a big chunk out of his butt. Anyway, I'm glad it's going to work out for Ms. Cartwright and her good dog.

  • If some guy breaks into my home while I am there, I can assure him that the last thing that goes through his mind will be a 40 cal. hollow point. If he has just shot my dog, it may take a while to get around to that.

  • Im with Charles on this one. Usually I never comment when I agree with him because there is no reason to. However, once a person storms your house & throws a gun in yours or your families face & robs them, they become a useless none deserving of a life THUG. Had this woman resisted any at all then this story may have very well been about a MURDER! This THUG pulled a trigger several times, he is DANGEROUS and will kill to get what he wants. I have no use for people like this & would not lose any sleep had this thug got sent to h*ll. Poor Dog

  • (smh at the casual comment of killing a human)

  • Maybe now the dog's owner will get a handgun of her own so that next time she can keep her dog from being harmed, and do society a favor by putting down the thug.

  • The romeo law is good but it doesn't go far enough to really punish the offender. Up to Five years usually means probation. Anybody that will point a gun at an animal like a dog or cat & shoot it should be sent to prison for a MINIMAL of FIVE YEARS! This dog was only doing what any dog would do for their master. I don't care how some people sees a dog but I see them as a life just like a human. I hope they get this punk & throw the book at him!

  • What a sad situation. Since the dog didn't immediately die they can charge the shooter with a felony through Romeo's Law in addition to his burglary charges.

  • Not sure why this pet owner whose dog defended them wasn't at a vet's office getting treatment for the gun shot wounds rather than having the dog at home "not appearing to be in good condition." Poor dog.