UPDATE: Coroner identifies man shot by police

Staff and wire report Published:

Kentucky State Police say Frankfort Police shot and killed an armed man who had trapped a woman inside a home and pointed a handgun at police.

Authorities said a woman called police Sunday evening around 9:45 p.m. to report that a man had threatened to shoot anyone who came into the house along Winding Way Drive.

Tactical Response Unit and Hostage Negotiations Teams were called to the scene and gave him numerous commands to drop his weapon once he left the house. Police said he pointed his gun at police and was shot.

Coroner Will Harrod confirmed that 55-year-old Gary Meadows was transported to Frankfort Regional Medical Center and confirmed dead at 11:49 p.m.

The woman was not hurt.

Harrod said the preliminary investigation shows that Meadows was shot twice in the chest, but he’s waiting for an autopsy, which will take four to six weeks.

Frankfort Police Chief Walter Wilhoite confirmed that six to eight officers were involved in the shooting incident on Winding Way, and the scene was secure when he arrived around midnight.

Officers at the scene have been placed on administrative leave, which is common protocol, Wilhoite said.

KSP will conduct a criminal investigation and Frankfort Police will have an internal administrative investigation, Wilhoite said.

Wilhoite declined to release further details to The State Journal because of the state police investigation. Calls to the state police were not returned.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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  • To pitchforkprotester...you couldn't be more wrong. I've NEVER wanted to be a cop. I'm a 40+ woman with a heck of a great career in exactly what I've wanted to do since I was 9. I'm just smart enough to know better and was raised when folks still had respect for authority and obeyed the rules and laws. As anonymous said we all know what happens when you point a gun at a police officer. Dumb enough to do it you get what you deserve.

  • Who knows that one officer fired both shots? Could have been 2 officers, each firing once. Aside from who fired and how many times, everyone should know what is going to happen when you point a gun at a police officer.

  • Tactical Response Unit and Hostage Negotiations Teams???? Shoot first then ask you to drop your weapon.. Pretty good negotiations if you ask me, then whatda expect from online classroom training graduates whose answer is shoot first, shoot some more, then shoot again. Trigger happy doesn't do justice for what I think about these classes cops in this town. And no sense trying to debunk me umseriously, I know you're a cop wanna be. There was more ways to control that action besides killing him. Or did the cop mistake his weapon for a taser? That excuse always works doesn't it?

  • Suicide by police.

  • bodeen and anonymous...are you both for real? The man waved a gun at the police, what did he expect was going to happen, be offered tea and crumpets? Stupid people point guns at cops and almost always have the same outcome. It's not like this moron was the first one to do it. We all know what happens. Cops consistently put themselves in jeopardy and having an idiot like this Meadows guy wave a gun at them really leaves no options. ****, I'd have shot his *** down too and wouldn't have stopped at two shots. Oh, and anonymous...ALOT of times it takes more then one shot...especially if the moron was hyped on some drug. I'd like to see either one of you do the job of a police officer and see then what you have to say. Bodeen, you must be a fool; domestic situations should allow cool down times? Ok, so when someone is killed because you need cool down time to justify actions, you will be the one to assume the responsibility then, right? Of course not. Oh, I am not a cop, nor related to one. I'm just smart enough to know they have one of the worst jobs out there and then idiots have the audacity to comment as you two have.

  • Shot twice in the chest? Once was not enough to stop him?

  • Whats going on in Frankfort. Two men shot to death by police in a few months time span. One in his own home alone by police who wouldn't wait it out & stormed his house because he was inside with a gun & now this. I personally have a problem when police remain silent wont give details. We wont know the details anytime soon on this one but I hope it was justified because the last one wasn't in my opinion & I wished the state journal would had investigated & told the full story on that one. There is no reason to storm a house just because the owner is inside with a gun. I understand that Domestic situations are hostil & can be dangerous but they should allow a little more cooling off period & not let their adrenaline & ego get in the way of a more non lethal outcome. Yeah I know, police don't have egos & never antagonize a p!zzed off person.