Senate orders $985 dinner on taxpayer dime

State Journal Staff Report, Published:

Nearly $1,000 in taxpayer dollars paid for dinner in the state Senate as lawmakers worked late into the night March 7, the Lexington Herald-Leader reports.

The meals – 133 boxed barbeque dinners from Staxx BBQ, four vegetarian dinners from Chili’s Grill & Bar, and lemonade and tea from Kroger – cost $985.69 and was authorized by Senate President Robert Stivers, according to the newspaper. It was the first time since 2008 that senators were fed using tax dollars not included in their daily $135.50 stipends, the Herald-Leader reported.

State Journal Editor Dan Liebman owns Staxx BBQ.

Time was an issue in the decision, Stivers, R-Manchester, told the Herald-Leader. Had lawmakers left the Capitol for dinner during the 10-hour workday, the Senate would not have been able to finish its business by midnight that evening, he said.

“I knew this was going to be a long night,” Stivers told the newspaper. “We had several bills that we wanted to get completed. We did. The next days were to be concurrence days (to decide if the Senate and House agreed on bills). We wanted to stick to the schedule.”

Stivers said he would reimburse “the whole $1,000” if there is criticism or question of the expenditure’s appropriateness, the Herald-Leader reported.

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  • You missed the point mom3... Every President goes on vacation and every vacation is on the tax payers dime no matter where they go. It's not a anti Bush, or Pro Obama thing, they all do it. Everyone needs to wake up to the reality of the fact that if we, regular people, keep falling for the trap of fighting each other over party lines only it keeps us distracted from the facts that Congress and the President are only there for themselves and making money no matter what party they are from! Make them fight over party affiliation and I can keep getting votes!

  • The difference is between where Bush vacationed and where the Obamas jet set, too. Camp David or their own home isn't good enough for the Obamas. I have news for you Hawaii, Florida, Martha's Vineyard, Mexico, Aspen, Spain, all not their home, not in decades. And none of them should vacation on taxpayer dime, in separate flights, etc. Bet you the Obama's would not go, if we wouldn't pay for it. Let them stay in the White House. Too many of us can't even afford a vacation.

  • Marketing_Director..." President Obama in his first four years has taken 131 days, dividing his time between Hawaii, Martha’s Vineyard and, of course, Camp David, the official get away of U.S. presidents. At this rate, he could hit 262 days by the end of his eighth year, about average for modern presidents.............He certainly is not the king of vacation days. That honor falls to President George W. Bush, who racked up 1,020 vacation days in his eight years in office, including one five-week vacation, the most of any president in 36 years. Not to say he wasn’t on the job when he was at his Crawford, Texas ranch, but he was away from the White House......................And if we compare days off in the first year alone, President Bush still nabs the honor with 69 vacation days, President Obama with 26 and President Clinton with 19.".................They all do it no matter what party they are from so get off your high horse! It's crazy to think that it's a Republican or Democrat only thing!

  • Yes, they need to pay the bill. Why should we the taxpayers pay it. I don't get my meals paid for when I'm on the job so why should they. Same old crap as usual!!!!

  • But none of you have issues with Obama taking 20 Million dollar golf vacations on our dime, and Moochelle taking off with the kids every two months.....

  • Yep, get out that wallet. If a decision was so necessary, then they can all order on their own dime. Us average people have to eat lunch/dinner at our desks and keep working, if deadlines loom. My boss would laugh at me, if I'd told him he'd have to pay for my lunch/dinner.

  • Agreed, get your checkbook out...basically paying for the food twice since they receive money for daily expenses. Nobody pays for my meals when I'm working.

  • Well go ahead and get your wallet out & pay us back. Does Sen. Stivers think that the money we already pay him isn't meant to buy his food while he is working. I wonder who is buying all of those bottled water that they chug down their throats all day long.