News of record: Property Transfers


The following are property transfers recorded at the Franklin County Court House. The data was compiled by The State Journal. The information contains, in the following order: date of document, name of seller, name of buyer, location information and consideration (price). If there was no consideration the transaction will read, “none.”

>Oct. 15, Thomas and Ada Lund to Jack Bunnell, 619 Millie Drive, $80,000

>Oct. 14, Dan and Sonya Lusk to Bradley Keough, 2390 Lucas Lane, $500

>Oct. 17, Janice Osborne to Alice and J. Guthrie True, 1017 Berry Hill Drive, $270,000

>Oct. 14, Harold and Deborah Thibodeaux to Janice Osborne, 109 Sonoma Drive, $120,000

>Oct. 15, Casey Tillett-Lewis to Timothy and Danette Zisoff, 2000 Silver Lake Blvd., $234,500

>Oct. 4, Master Commissioner to U.S. Housing and Urban Development, 112 Crow Trail, $189,793

>Aug. 26, Master Commissioner to Fannie Mae, 515 Winston Way, $128,526

>Aug. 7, Master Commissioner to U.S. Housing and Urban Development, 127 Lynnwood Drive, $56,767

>Oct. 14, Fannie Mae to Leo Family Investments LLC, Anthony Smith member, 200 Stevenson Drive, $60,100

>May 15, Master Commissioner to Wells Fargo Bank, 205 Highwood Drive, $64,600

>Oct. 21, Carol Saenger to Howard and Linda McKinley, 230 Wildwood Place, $17,000

>Oct. 21, Carol Saenger to Leslie and Shirley Wainscott, 230 Wildwood Place, $7,000

>Oct. 17, William and Sandra Harding to Santosh Kumar Lingampeta and Shravanthi Raghavapuram, 2015 Hampstead Lane, $172,500

>Oct. 21, Estate of Deborah Seltsam to William and Sandra Harding, 620 Alfa Drive, $102,500

>Oct 18, Val Maynard to Charles and Donna Hunt, 397-399 Lindsey Ave., $35,000

>Oct. 24, Martha Hagan and Bradley Partee to Sue and Thomas Paynter, 708 Bradley St., $30,000

>Oct. 17, Estate of Noel Silas to Charles and Donna Hunt, 386 Lindsey Ave., $40,000

>Oct. 24, Gregg and Jane Hosley to Jennifer Jones and Scott Marshall, 2107 Autumnview Lane, $260,000

>Oct. 24, Estate of Elizabeth Van Arsdale Fritts to Nancy Dunstall, 412 Lindsey Ave., $116,500

>Oct. 23, Kentucky Housing Corp. to Jeff Hancock and Pete McDonald, 120 Royal Parkway, $32,500

>Oct. 23, Jeff and Erika Hancock and Pete and Darlene McDonald to Venard and Mary Kincaid, 120 Royal Parkway, $43,750

>Oct. 25, Phillip and Nicole McCoy to Russell Morse and Andrea Smith-Morse, 311 Stephen Road, $218,000

>Oct. 23, Special Master Commissioner to First Federal Savings Bank, 1606 Old Lawrenceburg Road, $300,000

>Oct. 25, HSBC Bank USA to Frank Haydon, 1330 Highway 151, $140,410

>Oct. 25, JP Morgan Chase Bank to Lindsay Robinson and Jaret Ellis, 2091 Lewis Ferry Road, $50,000

>Oct. 23, Michael and Kimberly Ebels to Ellen Galt, 1130 Old U.S. 60, $265,000

>Sept. 20, Susan Clark to Heather and Kenneth Keith Jr., 306 Signal Ridge Road, $177,000

>Oct. 28, Mary Louise Fisher and Joseph and Jeana White, 6367 Georgetown Road, $137,500

>Oct. 28, Joseph and Jeana White to Derrick Bailey, 307 Paul Sawyier Drive, $190,000

>Oct. 24, Estate of Kenneth Tice Smith to Melvin Penn, 190 Harvieland Road, $2,000

>Oct. 28, Shirley Taylor to Gregg and Jane Hosley, 1004 Silver Lake Blvd., $240,000

>Sept. 12, 2012, Master Commissioner to U.S. Housing and Urban Development, 216 Swigert Ave., $43,334

>Oct. 28, U.S. Housing and Urban Development to Thomas and Barbara Jones, 1319 Westview Drive, $53,550

>Oct. 28, Thomas Parrish and Lisa Spradling to Tammy and Bill Day, 100 Briarpatch Lane, $62,000

>Oct. 25, Samuel Jones to Ralph Woodside, 1301 Powhatan Trail, $105,000

>Oct. 25, Special Master Commissioner to Fred Fern, 316 Westland Drive, $19,050

>Oct. 25, Judy and David Tincher to Kenneth and Linda Winkle, 293 Michael Blvd., $214,000

>Oct. 28, Robert and Allyn Risen to Anita Rogers, 1732 Galbraith Road, $75,000

>Oct. 25, Estate of Frances Gay to Kirbyco LLC, 213 E. Todd St., $29,000

>Oct. 11, Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Margo Charles, 111 Schenkelwood Drive, $39,500

>Oct. 30, Larry and Lisa Grim to Mary Lancaster, 25 Ryswick Lane, $208,000

>Oct. 31, Dennis Bourne to Prudence Campbell, 202 Duntreath Lane, $305,000

>July 10, Master Commissioner to Bank of America, 240 River Valley Road, $96,667

>Oct. 29, Michael and Kathleen Royle to Michael and Tammy Fields, 144 Waterford Circle, $255,000

>Oct. 31, Elizabeth and Christopher Lee to Kathy Phelps and Dennis Bourne, 114 Saratoga, $475,000

>Oct. 30, Joseph Sanderson to Jason and Heather Sanderson, 5207 U.S. 127 North, $388,000

>Oct. 29, Lawrence and Amy Fisher to Susan and Bennie McWain Jr., 426 Village Drive, $185,000

>Oct. 30, Mary Stevenson to John G. Conway Jr., John David Baker Conway and Kristin Conway, 1120 Hanley Lane, $182,500

>Oct. 30, Mary Lancaster to Ashley Evans, 303 Arbolado Drive, $132,000

>Oct. 25, Allison Bell to John Boughan, 105 Schenkelwood Drive, $89,000

>Oct. 30, Bradford and Glenda Abrams to Marie Rayborn, 1004 Keeneland Court, $135,000

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