News of record: Property transfers


The following are property transfers recorded at the Franklin County Courthouse. The data was compiled by The State Journal. The information contains, in the following order: date of document, name of seller, name of buyers, location information and consideration (price). If there was no consideration, the transaction will read, “none.”

>Nov. 1, Murray and Mary Scott to Scott and Barbara Green, 6 Regents Park, $236,900

>July 10, Master Commissioner to Household Finance Corp. II, 1401 Equine Way, $130,342.21

>Oct. 31, Diann and Doug McDaniel to Dianna Ragland, 311 Alexander St., $74,000

>Oct. 7, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corp., 136 White Cliffs Lane, $144,882.33

>Oct. 31, Zane and Missy Gaines to Robert Mitchell, 208 Hahn Road, $155,000

>Oct. 25, Anthony and Linda Goodman to Barbara Blackburn and James Dickerson Jr., 105 Teakwood Lane, $364,416

>Oct. 16, Master Commissioner Charles E. Jones to First Federal Savings Bank, 728 Hillcrest Ave., $23,400

>Nov. 4, Lisa Choy to James and Kathleen Pluta, 237 Hollyberry Road, $52,000

>Oct. 30, Kathy Phelps to Duane and Susan Halliday, 231 Stonehedge, $300,000

>Oct. 29, Gary Rogers to Lawrence and Amy Fisher, 731 Botkins Lane, $262,000

>Nov. 1, Jennifer Jones and Scott Marshall to Srinivas Dharanipragada and Anasuya Desiraju, 118 North Ridge Court, $233,000

>Nov. 4, Suzanne Simmons to John and Rachel Hardesty, 106 Paddock Court, $242,500

>Nov. 1, David Gayle to Marion Bailey and Kimberly Bennett, 118 Running Brook Trail, $86,900

>Nov. 4, Bertha Butler to Richard and Brenda Huber, 255 Meadowview Drive, $130,000

>Oct. 16, Jeremy and Angela Brown to Christopher and Heather Musinski, 116 Schofield Lane, $174,000

>Nov. 8, Estate of Sara Davis to Jane Knotts, 439 Alfa Drive, $108,000

>Nov. 8, Fannie Mae to Steve and Andrea Turner, 8075 Owenton Road, $162,251

>Nov. 8, Estate of Elizabeth Sanders to Cheryl Marshall, 1210 Dale Ave., $57,000

>Oct. 16, Master Commissioner to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 318 Henry St., $25,000

>Oct. 16, Master Commissioner to Beneficial Kentucky Inc., 1080 Green Wilson Road, $90,000

>Oct. 11, Rex Hawkey to James Alimonos, 106 Running Brook Trail, $127,900

>Nov. 13, Christa Fleming to Nathan Dailey, 235 Beechwood Ave., $52,000

>Nov. 13, Henry Lacy to Mitch Buchanan, 1310 Louisville Road, No. 99, $26,000

>Aug. 7, Master Commissioner to Bank of America, 33 Deerland Drive, $50,000

>Sept. 18, Master Commissioner to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., 509 Collins Landing, $84,460

>Sept. 18, Master Commissioner to Household Finance Corp. II, 425 Logan St., $51,941.97

>Nov. 15, Whitaker Bank to Jennifer McCormick, Camp Pleasant Road, $100,000

>Nov. 15, Estate of Elmer Lee to Kimberly May, 1044 Cherokee Trail, $105,000

>Nov. 15, American Founders Loan Corp. to Gary and Sonjia Blackburn, 121 Springside Court, $73,000

>Nov. 18, Foxley Lane Developers to Rebecca Kennedy, 18 Foxley Lane, $312,500

>Sept. 16, Master Commissioner to Bank of America, 116 Thomas St., $88,000

>Nov. 18, Gary and Ophia Lewis to Alma Otto, Harvieland Road, $1,000

>Nov. 19, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Freddie White and Nathan Dailey, 252 Holly Berry Drive, $52,200

>Nov. 15, Julian and Carrie Padgett to Meagan Huston, 409 Green Fields Lane, $115,000

>Nov. 7, Betty Atha to Christopher and Renee Eaton, 1700 Mount Zion Road, $76,000

>Nov. 18, John G. Conway Jr., Deborah J. Conway, John David Baker Conway and Kristin Grey Conway to Milton Price, 1002 Tierra Linda Drive, $155,000

>Nov. 13, Master Commissioner to IBP 2, 930 Louisville Road, $200,000

>Nov. 19, Laurie Sorg to Martha Muller, 944 Collins Lane, $142,500

>Nov. 15, Estate of Virginia Watkins to Vicki and Curtis Moore, 1064 Keeneland Court, $126,900

>Sept. 25, Special Master Commissioner to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 418 Holmes St., $50,000

>Sept. 16, Master Commissioner to Bank of America, 401 Harp Pike, $62,667

>Nov. 15, Estate of Doris Sullivan to James and Ina Sturm, 221 Walmac, $319,000

>Oct. 24, Cathy and Ervin Benner to Witt Farm & Land, White Oak Lane, $132,000

>Nov. 22, Christopher and Sarah Olds to Laketa and Raymond Ritchie Jr., 105 Cave Run Road, $142,500

>Nov. 22, Carole Kruse to Melody Cooper, 53 Timberlawn Circle, $140,000

>Nov. 25, Nathan Dailey and Freddie White Jr. to Elpidio and Rosario Escobar, 5560 U.S. 127 S., $218,000

>Nov. 22, John and Rebecca Sheedy to Marian Young and John and Linda Nichols, 431 Menominee Trail, $135,845

>Nov. 22, Peoples Exchange Bank to Daniel Byrley, 23 Preston Way, $74,000

>Nov. 22, Ryan and Whitney Smith to Teresa Cook, 214 Woodhill Lane, $138,500

>Nov. 25, Julia and Squire Williams III to Marian and Thomas Hayden, 114 Randolph Road, $299,000

>Nov. 22, Thomas and Marian Hayden to Chris and Sarah Olds, 241 Twin Pines Lane, $331,500

>Nov. 23, Wendell and Abby Lackey to Ariana Lackey, 428 Nootka Trail, $45,000

>Nov. 22, Patricia and James Maynard to Vicki and Robert Wingate, 813 Cline St., $62,000

>Nov. 25, Julia and Squire Williams III to B.J. and Laura Haydon, 114 Collision Center Drive, 114A, $120,000

>Nov. 27, William and Edna Cox to Sonja Taylor, 106 Shelby St., $112,500

>Nov. 26, SANAMEL to Norman and Cindy Arflack, 400 Ridgewood Lane, $65,000

>Nov. 26, Jackie Rose to Nicholas Holloway, 1425 Green Wilson Road, $87,400

>Nov. 27, Michael and Christa Goins to Russell Long Jr., 260 Lyons Drive, $83,900

>Nov. 27, Fannie Mae to Matthew and Leslie Kennedy, 110 Northridge Court, $165,000

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