News of record: Restaurant inspections


The Franklin County Health Department inspects restaurants and other food service establishments at least twice a year. Retail food establishments are inspected at least once a year. Food storage, sanitation, preparation, personnel, equipment facilities and other health conditions are checked. The inspections can be viewed on the health department’s website,

Each asterisk (*) indicates one critical violation. If an establishment has a critical violation, it fails the inspection and is inspected again with 10 days. The scores for the regular and follow-up inspections are shown for establishments that had critical violations.

A perfect score is 100. Points are subtracted if department guidelines are not met. Below is a breakdown of scores.

For those listed under food/service establishments there are two scores. The first is for the food service and the second is for the retail section of the establishment.

85-100 without a critical violation means the establishment is in compliance with departmental guidelines.

70-84 without a critical violation calls for another inspection within 30 days.

70 and below means the establishment is automatically served notice of the department’s intention to suspend its permit.


>Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar, 111 Jett Blvd., 96

Violations: Green cart is broken and improperly repaired with a cloth towel; spoons are not stored with the handles inverted; glasses at bar cooler are not properly air dried before stacking into the cooler and causing ice buildup both in the cooler and on the glasses; dumpster covers are not used properly.

>Capital Cellars, 227 W. Broadway, 100 (food), 100 (retail)

>Charlie’s Tavern & Grill, 439 Holmes St., 98

Violations: Back door is not provided with a self-closure.

>Church of the Ascension, 311 Washington St., 100

>Family Dollar Store, 1300-D U.S. 127 South, 96 (retail)

Violations: Soiled ceiling tiles in/throughout store; gap around back/outside door; seals on cooler doors are torn.

>Fazoli’s, 365 Leonardwood Road, 96

Violations: Top of automatic dishwasher has soil buildup and interior has lime buildup; no hand cleaner provided at food prep hand sink; dispenser is missing from wall.

>Frankfort High School, 328 Shelby St., 100

>Frankfort High School Concessions, 715 Dabney, 100

>Franklin County High School Baseball Concessions, 1100 E. Main St., 100

>Good Shepherd School, 75 Shepherd Way, 100

>K-Mart, 1300 U.S. 127 South, 100 (retail)

>Lady Wolverine Fast Pitch, Bondurant Drive, 96

Violations: Sponge used for dishwashing; three-compartment sink is soiled; service counter is soiled; ceiling is in bad repair.

>Qdoba Mexican Grill, 1303 U.S. Highway 127 South, Suite 401, 97

Violations: Tongs stored low to floor on the oven handle; pans are not properly air dried before stacking into storage; food wrap lid has been cut off and cannot protect from dust.

>Rite Aid, 1303 U.S. 127 South, Suite 106, 97 (retail)

Violations: No thermometers in coolers; cooler walls, floors, backs and shelves are unclean.

>Rose’s Pub, 150 Elkhorn Court, 100

>Second Street School, 506 W. Second St., 99

Violations: No hot water provided at the automatic dishwasher, three-compartment sink area and hand sink; water line to hand sink is leaking.

>Serafini’s, 243 W. Broadway, 98

Violations: Wall is in bad repair in dishwasher area; exposed insulation in the ceiling of the walk-in cooler; clean linen improperly stored on clean plates and utensils.

>Speedway, 697 Isaac Shelby Circle West, 100 (food), 98 (retail)

Violations: Brooms/mops improperly stored directly on the floor; establishment needs more broom/mop holders — only three provided.

>Speedway, 387 Versailles Road, 98 (food), 98 (retail)

Violations: Cooler door gaskets are torn and in bad repair; ceiling tile in closet is missing; brooms stored directly on the floor; aprons improperly stored on food and food container shelf.

>Speedway, 1401 U.S. 127 South, 100 (food), 100 (retail)

>Stop N’ Save, 350 Fair Oaks Lane, 99 (food), 97 (retail)

Violations: Soiled ceilings in restrooms; dusty vents in restrooms; dumpster lid is open/trash around it; soiled ceiling tiles behind counter in deli area, possible leak.

>Subway, 1410 Versailles Road, Suite 1, 100

>The Frankfort Christian Academy, 1349A U.S. 421 South, 96

Violations: Sponge used for dishwashing; no sanitizer test kit provided to test the three-compartment sink, sanitizer and wiping cloth sanitizer; floor in the employee restroom is in bad repair and the drain cover is missing; ceiling in kitchen area is in bad repair.

>The Office Pub & Deli, 614 Comanche Trail, 100

>Thirsty Thorobred, 400 E. Main St., 100 (food), 100 (retail)

>Tiffany’s Market, 246 Versailles Road, 97 (food), 98 (retail)

Violations: No self-closing door on restroom; lights in food preparation area are not rough-coat bulbs or properly shielded; personal items improperly stored in the three-compartment sink area.

>Underwood Cafeteria (Taco Bell, Chick-Fil-A and Subway), 400 E. Main St., 89

Violations: Employee witnessed drinking in the kitchen while preparing food; employee with wiping cloth tied to their waist; walk-in freezer gasket is in bad repair; icemaker door is in bad repair; produce chopper has been improperly repaired with a pencil; dumpster covers are not used properly; lights are not properly shielded in the three-compartment sink area; personal items improperly stored with food and food containers.

Follow-up Inspection: 94. Items corrected immediately.

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