Pedestrian hit during suspected DUI crash

State Journal Staff Report, Published:

Franklin County Sheriff Pat Melton said a man was listed in critical condition after being hit by an alleged drunk driver Monday afternoon.

Melton said Joshua Graves, 30, was driving a Chevy Impala on Hickory Ridge Road around 3:30 p.m. when he hit a Ford Focus, driven by State Journal delivery driver Barbara Johnson, 73. 

The crash caused Graves’ car to leave the roadway, Melton said, hitting multiple mailboxes and a man who was standing near the mailboxes.

That man, 26-year-old Evan Prewitt, was taken to Frankfort Regional Medical Center and was last listed in critical condition, according to Melton.

Graves was arrested on the scene and charged with DUI, two counts of wanton endangerment, possession of an open alcoholic container in a motor vehicle and other traffic violations.

He is now booked in the Franklin County Regional Jail on a $20,811 bond.

The case is still under investigation.

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  • That is exactly what I said Bodeen.  The real threats are those that effect us all, not just a tiny self-destructing minority.  A new Sheriff could very well concentrate on these real threats, but what does a new County Judge have to do with it?  39005 didn't say a new Sheriff OR County was presented as a package deal.  Ted Collins was not allowing Graves to be on the road. 

  • H.S. didn't you say that a sheriff who would patrol more instead of running a vice squad in the projects or hanging out on I-64 profiling, would had kept more drunks off the road? I believe you did. User_39005 basically said a new sheriff would probably consentrate on the real dangers...

  • 39005: "We need a new Sheriff and County Judge."

    And that is gonna keep people liek Graves from drinking and driving?  NOT!


    PS - Graves was drunk on your drug of choice, Steve_Fry...just sayin'!

  • We need a new Sheriff and County Judge.

  • Why not criticize, him royd? Maybe you haven't been keeping up with current events, but the Sheriff's Office just got a raise for the coming year from $1.6 MILLION to $1.8 MILLION, and that is signifcantly more than any of his much for your excuses about "all kinds of downsizing and budget cuts", but that is irrelevant.  Plus the Sheriff gets grants from the feds for his War on Some Drugs and other sources.  

    The Sheriff's Office priorities are unabashedly in trying to bust those adults who take illicit substances rather than alcohol and tobacco, and his limited resources are not allocated to where the real threats to the vast majority of us exist, the public thoroughfares, theft of property and domestic violence.  And yes, there have been duputies hit people with their cars as they race around the county at way above the speed limits.

    WE all drive cars and walk along these roads, as well as do mundane things like get the mail and put out the trash, and we are obviously all vulnerable to guys like Joshua Graves.  Our kids and pets are out there too, walking and riding bicycles on these roads.  The mail and paper delivery vehicles are out on these roads nearly everyday, and are sitting ducks for drunk/drugged/impaired drivers, as evidenced by just what happened.  

    We all don't live in the projects or Section 8 housing or are at any risk for what happens there...that point of emphasis is just fulfilling the Sheriff's obsession to try to stop people from taking some drugs.  If the Sheriff was doing a great job, then we would see a lot more folks arrested for drunk driving on the county roads and a lot fewer arrests of folks on I-64 with drugs hidden in their cars or in the projects.

    I will decide where and when I choose to criticize how my tax dollars are being mismanged/spent, as well as when I rest.  "Have you had needles in your bed"...LOL!

  • NOT a fan of the sheriff, but am less of a fan of oxygenthieves.  Crime cannot be stopped hopefully some of it can be prevented. Druggies also drive impaired.  

  • @Homosapien... Ease up off the sherrif!! Did he go out and hit someone with his car? No! You need to have faith in our law enforcement professionals. They have been hit with all kinds of downsizing and budget cuts, therefore, they cannot be everywhere at all times. Give the Frankfort PD and Franklin Co Sherrif's office a break. It doesn't matter where they patrol, crime will happen and I think they are doing a great job! Take your aggression to the polls, not here. Easy for you to say... have you had needles in your bed? Ok, then give it a rest.

    Maybe YOU need to "rethink" your emphasis.

  • Gee Sheriff, if you had had patrols on Hickory Ridge Road instead of out trying to find druggies, via a needle-in-haystack methodology, while just passing through on I-64, then maybe your deputies could have stopped and apprehended drunk driver Joshua Graves before he nearly killed tow other people!  Judging from all of the beer cans thrown out of cars on the county roads, there are plenty more just like Graves out there. 

    Where is the real threat here, drunk drivers on the county roads that most folks drive their cars on, or cars just passing through the county out on I-64 that could have small personal quantities of drugs hidden in them?  Maybe you need to rethink this whole point of emphasis of your office through some more...