Suspected DUI crash lands man in Franklin County Regional Jail

Utility pole knocked down on Steadmantown Lane

State Journal staff report, Published:

Kentucky Utilities workers spent time repairing a utility pole on Steadmantown Lane Wednesday after police said a man crashed while driving drunk.

Alex Stigers, 23, was booked into the Franklin County Regional Jail early Wednesday morning, charged with DUI and failure to maintain insurance.

Frankfort Police Capt. Robert Warfel said Stigers lost control of his SUV just after 1:30 a.m. and crashed into a utility pole and about 30 feet of fence.

Both were severely damaged, Warfel said.

Responding officers said they could smell alcohol when talking to Stigers.

He was arrested after allegedly failing a field sobriety test.

Stigers was not injured.

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  • Too much valuable resource is spent sitting around in parking lots watching and recording drug deals and patroling known users hangouts looking for drugs. I realize the police cannot be everywheres but when two to three cruisers respond to just about every traffic stop hoping to find drugs or action, they are letting dangerous drunk drivers have their way. This is just too much drunk driving accidents lately and priorities should be looked at. I don't care who smokes a joint or pop a pill, drunk drivers are a proven danger!

  • Another drunk driver.....  What do you bet the legal system lets him off the hook with an amended charge and reduced sentence.  I agree with Homosapien - why are our jails filled with pot smokers and growers who hurt no one with drunk drivers jeopardize the public's safety?  Makes no sense!

  • It is just luck that it wasn't another car or pedestrian (again)!

    And remember folks, this guy was using the drug alcohol which our government and police has given its official seal of approval, unlike all of those "bad " illicit drugs that they put you in jail for just possession of them.