VIDEO: Watch Franklin County judge's heated reaction to the "bogus beggar"

By Kristina Belcher, Published:

Gary Thompson is known around Central Kentucky as the "Bogus Beggar" for his panhandling while pretending to have a disability. He almost tricked Franklin District Judge Kathy Mangeot, too — until she found his story online. Here's what she had to say to him when she called him back to court a few hours later.

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  • She is a fair judge, but I know like fair judges in the past she'll get tired of seening the same old faces week in and week out, but her hands tied she can only give out so much penalities.

    This guy has been all over the news in Lexington and LEX 18 I believe is the one that exposed him for the fraud he truly is.

    There is no shame in this individual.

  • Great job judge! We need you in Jefferson county!