Viacom, Frankfort Plant Board negotiation deadline is extended

Talks continued through the night; announcement expected today

State Journal staff report, Published:

Negotiations between Viacom and the National Cable Television Cooperative, representing the Frankfort Plant Board, have continued through the night.

The NCTC and Plant Board are seeking a compromise in the face of a significant fee increase from the media giant, which owns several popular cable channels including Nickelodeon, TV Land and Comedy Central.

According to the Plant Board’s website and Twitter account, Viacom is allowing service extensions to the city hourly as negotiations continue.

For updates, check back here throughout the day.

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  • Are we going to have to go to U-Verse like our next door neighbors, Georgetown and Shelbyville.  It might be cost effective for everyone to move there or rent an apartment in one of those communities to get U-Verse TV hook-up.  FPB mght negotiate with AT&T to give Viacom some competition and keep prices low.  Right now we are heading into a big rate increase over which no consumer has control.  I suggest that FPB do some serious bargain hunting for entertainment television and freeze the contract to the current price for an extended period of time.  I am appalled that the Plant Board has shot itself in the foot over the Viacom deal.  Better luck on the next one guys! 

  • Get greased up Frankfortians, it's coming ! We're going to get an increased . Do you honestly think there's anyone there, trying to help us ? Do you believe our future bills will be lower. FPB will definitely mess this up. Get the Vaseline ready.

  • As bad as I hate to lose ONE CHANNEL (TV Land) I hope the FPB doesn't cave in to the up to 40% over inflation increase to this company. Go find another company to get channels from!