State spending up 50 percent on snow, ice removal

Transportation Cabinet spread more than 438,000 tons of salt this winter

State Journal staff report, Published:

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet spent $68 million on snow and ice removal this winter, about 50 percent more than normal.

The Transportation Cabinet spread more than 438,000 tons of salt this winter, a 244,000-ton increase over the amount used last year, the cabinet announced in a press release Monday. Last year’s snow and ice removal costs reached $42.4 million during a mild winter season, and the cabinet typically spends $40-45 million during winter months, according to the release.

“This was an extraordinary year — requiring extraordinary measures — in terms of the amount of salt used on state roadways and the challenges KYTC faced as the winter pressed on,” Deputy State Highway Engineer for Project Delivery and Preservation Nancy Albright said in the release.

Maintenance work on state roadways will suffer this spring, according to the release. Hazardous road issues such as guardrail replacement, pothole repair and striping will take top priority while other matters such as tree trimming, pavement patching, panel sign repairs and some drainage structures may be pushed aside until funds are available, the release says.

“If it’s not critical, it may have to wait,” Albright said in the release.

Spending on snow and ice removal this winter fell short of the record set in 2010-2011, when the Transportation Cabinet spent $74 million and spread 450,000 tons of salt, according to the release.

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  • Maybe if they didn't pay the privately contracted companies to sit under the bridges or eating at Frisch's for hours waiting on a snow that may or may not arrive they may save some $.