Franklin County teacher resigns over 'inappropriate conduct'

Few details from officials

State Journal staff report, Published:

Franklin County Superintendent Chrissy Jones said one of the school system’s teachers has resigned amidst allegations of inappropriate conduct.

Franklin County Sheriff Pat Melton confirmed that his office is involved in an ongoing investigation.

“The teacher is no longer employed at Franklin County Schools,” Jones told The State Journal Monday.

The result of the investigation will be referred to a prosecutor, Jones said.

She wouldn’t release the teacher’s name or the name of the school where he or she was teaching or discuss what prompted the investigation.

“It would be highly inappropriate for me to make any comment at this time,” Melton said.

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  • Jessa, now why would you go and say something like that?

  • Would it be highly inappropriate of me to say how disgusted I am with a middle school teacher sending naked pictures of herself to students?

  • It's was also highly inappropriate for him to talk about a couple that died recently. They we decent people that loved each other and were giving/caring people. The way they kept or not kept their house had nothing to do with their death. His comments during that time has costs the sheriff votes from many family and friends of that couple. Whether he wins or not, it won't be with votes of these that loved this couple. If he loses, maybe **** think of being more appropriate.

  • “It would be highly inappropriate for me to make any comment at this time,” Sheriff Pat Melton said.

    But all them drug addicts gets paraded and in this paper and his facebook page for people to publicly beat them down. I guess it is appropriate to do that before guilt is determined. The public has a right to know now!