Police searching for 3 suspects in violent home invasion

Incident occurred on Wildwood Place Tuesday night

State Journal staff report, Published:

Frankfort Police are searching for three men they say are responsible for a violent home invasion — which included the assault of a pregnant woman.

Capt. Robert Warfel said officers were called to an apartment in the 200 block of Wildwood Place around 11 p.m. Tuesday.

A 30-year-old man living at the home told officers he answered a knock at his back door when one of three men outside punched him in the face and then all three forced their way inside.

The three continued to beat the victim, Warfel said. They eventually took about $700 and a pack of cigarettes.

The man’s 19-year-old girlfriend, who Warfel said is pregnant, came downstairs after hearing the commotion.

The suspects allegedly pushed her to the kitchen floor as they fled the apartment.

Both victims were checked out by Frankfort EMS at the scene. Warfel said they only sustained minor injuries.

The suspects are described as three black men, all wearing dark-colored hooded sweatshirts.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Frankfort Police at 502-875-8523.

Tips can also be given anonymously through Frankfort Crime Stoppers by calling 502-875-8648 or online at www.frankfortcrimestoppers.com.

Anonymous tips can also be sent through text message to 274637 by typing FCS and then the tip.

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  • The Sheriff STILL hasn't arrested these guys...what is wrong with him?

  • What wsmoore06 and bodeen said.  The 3 guys could have been strangers but they were tipped off on what they would find by someone who wasn't.

  • wsmoore06 thats what i was thinking all along. I don't believe these three men were strangers and I believe they knew what they were after which maybe wasn't all reported. C.C. you are too niave to not see the most likely and probable and too quick to jump to conclusions. Let me throw this possible scenerio atcha. STREET LEVEL BILL COLLECTORS! Thats one of the problems that certain drugs being illegal causes. I do not know this to be the case with this crime but ???????

  • My question is why doesn't the Sheriff ALREADY have these 3 guys in custody...there were two live witnesses and forensic evidence abound!  Shucks, in the Charles Monroe murder they had the 3 out of town white guys (which makes it a lot easier to blend into the wallpaper around here) who did it arrested and in custody with a full accounting to the press of what happened within a few hours...and all that they had was an anonymous stripped dead body that had been dumped on the I-64 roadside in the night.  He must not even be trying... 

  • How much is the Crime Stoppers reward?

  • Why aren't the names of the victims included in this report?

    Isn't this public record because they are adults? The perps already know who they are and where they live, so it shouldn't be a safety issue.

  • I'm a black man. If 3 black men in hoodies (in June) knocked on my back door at 11pm, and I wasn't expecting them and didn't know who they were, theres a higher chance of me shooting thru the door than opening it. Nobody asks "who is it?" anymore?? Can't get punched if you don't open the door. You must be used to the "traffic"...

  • And, PS, your collective group of jokes aren't funny.  You both need to grow up.

  • *** john_doe the new BrunoUno or what was the other huckster's name?

    Don't minimize the crime.  Tired of the lazy no goods and junkies breaking into people's homes.

    Who of you can't say that junkies aren't the source of most of the crime in this community?

    I pose this question to both of you...... how would decriminalizing heroin lead to less crime?  Do you honestly believe that if heroin were legal, these junkies could even work to afford the drugs they abuse?  They would still steal to buy their drugs, legal or not.  Once on heroin, you're a useless sort.  Tell me how cigarettes or tobacco make someone the same kind of useless that heroin addicts are?

  • Now, now. They were probably just on their way to the "Stop-N-Rob" to get a Skittles and Arizon Tea and cut through this guy's apartment, you know, cuz it's a short-cut, when he called them the "N" word so they beat the crap out of him because that word reminds them so much of what a hard time back when they were slaves. Then they beat his "old lady" and took his money just to teach him a lesson. Because anytime they hear that word they just gotta whoop sump'n. Oh, unless they say it, then it's perfectly acceptable.

    But hey! You are just stereotyping them because everybody knows everybody wears dark hoodies on hot summer June nights cause it's cool.

  • Gee, maybe the 'three men' were victims of an un-just persecution because they smoke the not hardly as bad as alcohol marijuana or enjoy the occasional bindle of heroin and it could all be solved if we just quit treating 'them' different..

    I'm sure Bruno can elaborate...