Caretaker convicted of stealing from disabled veterans asks for shock probation

Judge will rule on motion within a week

By Kristina Belcher, Published:

Within a week a judge will decide if the caretaker who stole more than $19,000 from two disabled veterans will be released from prison, just more than five months after she was sentenced to 25 years.

Franklin Circuit Judge Thomas Wingate said he would issue a ruling within a week on a motion for shock probation for 43-year-old Cammie Henson.

Shock probation means an incarcerated felon is granted early probation with hopes that the initial time in prison will prevent the person from committing further crime.

A jury found Henson guilty in October of two counts of knowingly exploiting an adult and two counts of being a persistent felony offender.

Henson fudged time sheets and lied about expenses while she was in charge of caring for Jack Browning Sr., a Korean War Army veteran who died in June, and Jack Browning Jr., a former Marine who was severely injured in a 1976 motorcycle accident.

The two men reportedly required 24-hour care.

“I think she has really benefited from the support and the counseling that she’s received,” defense attorney Londa Adkins said Friday of Henson’s time in prison. “I think she’s had lots of time to reflect and understand the error of her ways.”

In a written response to the motion for shock probation, Commonwealth’s Attorney Larry Cleveland said he spoke with Virginia Browning — Browning Sr.’s daughter-in-law and Browning Jr.’s sister-in-law — and she does not oppose the judge granting the motion.

“Ms. Browning, while ambivalent as to this matter, does not oppose the granting of shock probation, the victims needing the restitution money at this time,” Cleveland wrote.

Cleveland wrote that on behalf of the commonwealth, he opposes shock probation, saying that he feels the jury’s decision should be honored.

He also cited concerns about the fact that this is the second time Henson has been convicted of this type of crime. She pleaded guilty to two counts of theft by unlawful taking in Shelby Circuit Court in 2011 for stealing from Bagdad Baptist Church Daycare in Shelby County.

Henson spoke briefly Friday, asking the judge to allow her back home with her family.

“I miss my family. I missed my son graduate high school a month or so ago,” she said. “…I missed a lot of holidays, birthdays.”

If released, Henson said she would be doing farm work to earn money to pay back the thousands of dollars of restitution.

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  • henson doesn't seem like the brightest bulb in the chandelier, and i thought she was being coerced by someone else to steal the money.  but she never once implicated anyone else, and seemed genuinely sincere she thought the punishment wasn't fair.  i dunno if she thought it wasn't fair that she was being punished for something someone else was forcing her to do.  or she just was just so oblivious to her crimes, she honestly didn't think she was doing anything wrong.  or she's completely souless (word?).

    but regardless of her intellect, or motivations for stealing the money, there was zero doubt she's a thief.  and while i don't know larry personally, i've had jury duty, plus grand jury duty, enough times to know, when he's that adamant about putting or keeping a criminal in jail, he's 100 percent positive they're a threat to the public.  so while i tend to be a little compassionate trying to find out people's underlying issues, i'd defer to larry's judgement on this one.

  • She didn't get it the first time around, so why  would anybody thing that she would change her ways now?

  • Again, this is why families should thoroughly research those trusted with caring for loved ones. This woman is a dirt bag. There is no better way to describe someone who takes advantage of someone who is disabled.

  • I feel for the Browning family, but they need to understand: I don't think you'll ever see what this horrible grifter owes you.  Therefore, as a citizen of this community, I don't want this awful creature back out on the streets, where she can find a way to take advantage of yet another infirmed and vulnerable person.

    Honestly, who would hire this woman?  She is a known thief and she took advantage of two very vulnerable people.  That doesn't speak much about her character.

    She should have thought about the things she was doing when she was doing them and stopped herself - not this act of trying to make everyone else feel sorry for her.  She shouldn't even ask.  It's her fault she missed her son's graduation - she should have thought of that when she was stealing from disabled people.