Cab driver charged with DUI

Man allegedly drove drunk to gas station to buy more alcohol

By Kristina Belcher, Published:

What should have been a safe alternative was actually an accident waiting to happen, police said, when a Frankfort cab driver was allegedly drunk on the job.

William Maddox, 50, is charged with DUI, third-degree possession of a controlled substance, prescription controlled substance not in proper container, failure to produce insurance card and failure to notify address change to Department of Transportation.

Frankfort Police Capt. Robert Warfel said officers were conducting a traffic stop at the Eastwood Shell station on Versailles Road when Maddox allegedly pulled in driving his Bluegrass Taxi car.

Maddox went into the convenience store and purchased alcohol, Warfel said, before coming out and starting up a conversation with an officer assisting with the traffic stop.

The officer immediately noticed that Maddox was slurring his words and smelled like alcohol, Warfel said.

He allegedly failed a field sobriety test and blew .129 on a Breathalyzer, which is nearly .05 over the legal limit.

As he was arrested, officers also found that Maddox had pills on him, Warfel said.

“We depend on people to get a sober ride home, so calling a cab would be the best thing to do to stay out of a dangerous situation,” Warfel said. “Then you call a cab and an intoxicated driver shows up and puts you in an even more dangerous situation.

“It could have resulted in the injury of the passenger or another vehicle, other parties.”

Warfel said police received complaints about Maddox driving drunk about an hour before the incident. They had been unable to locate him until he voluntarily approached the officer.

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  • Capitalcitizen "WHO do you actually believe: Place whatever here>_____________________________________________ or police officer doing his job?

    c.c. This is what a corrupt officer wants people like you to believe. They are doing their job and you can never trust the word of a crook, or better yet, their victims!

    It is good that they actually relieved a real threat and got a drunk driver off the road.

  • "dumb drunk driving while intoxicated"

    "police officer doing his job"

    STOP! You are both right!  This story is two, two, two stories in one.


    Bodeen, July 15, 2014 1:32PM

    "Bruno don't you find something wrong with this story."

    Umm, Kristina Belcher wrote it, waddaya xspect?

  • Nothing suspicious about it. WHO do you actually believe: dumb drunk driving while intoxicated or police officer doing his job? Drunk driving isn't a casual offense: he blew 12 plus. No splitting hairs there.

  • Never the less, they got a drunk driver off the road and thats great.

  • Bruno don't you find something wrong with this story. Maybe they got it backwards and the officer approached Maddox after seeing him pull up and walk in. After all, they were on the lookout for him.

  • Orange is the new black.

  • Talking about dumb...getting chatty with a cop while drunk after just buying alcohol while driving the cab.  These people actually arrest themselves.