Library board cool to new site

By CHARLES PEARL and FRED LUCAS State Journal Staf Published:

Until Tuesday night, Norman Snider thought the library board's proposal to sell its building to the city was a verbal offer.

Mark Overstreet, to clear up any misunderstanding, emphasized the Paul Sawyier Library Board has a written offer on the table to the city to sell the library building and buy part of the Wapping Street city-owned parking lot for a new library site.

Overstreet, an attorney and former chairman of the board, is now a nonvoting board member who has served on the library's negotiating committee.

"I apologize if anyone left the December board meeting with the misimpression it was a verbal offer," Overstreet said at Tuesday's regular monthly board meeting. "I may be a small-town lawyer, but I would never let a client make an oral offer for the purchase or sale of real estate."

Snider, one of five voting board members, wanted to know if the city accepts the proposal if the library board could back out of the deal.

"I was wondering if it would still be appropriate to come forth and say, 'I don't like this. There's something we can do better.'"

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