Squirrel blamed for blacking out a wide area here

By Beth Crace State Journal Staff Writer Published:

A curious squirrel likely was the culprit behind Tuesday's nearly two-hour power outage which left some Frankfort homes and businesses without electricity and roadways without traffic lights.

Rodney Simpson, electric superintendent for the Electric and Wter Plant Board, told board members gathered for a regular meeting Tuesday of the tiny creature suspected of creating the minor havoc.

Simpson said power failed in parts of South and West Frankfort when the squirrel climbed atop an electrical substation on Twilight Trail, knocking out a transformer. The animal's charred remains were found near the substation, Simpson said.

"The short of it is we've got a dead squirrel laying beside the substation and a lot of unhappy customers," Simpson told board members.

Essentially, when the West Frankfort substation went out, Simpson said it caused what amounted to the loss of three substations. That's the reason, Simpson said, Tuesday's outage seemed so severe.

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