State layoffs possible but not inevitable

FRED LUCAS State Journal Staff Writer Published:


State Journal Staff Writer

Layoffs of state employees might be inevitable with cuts or with no increased revenue, Gov. Paul Patton conceded Thursday. But it's still not a certainty.

In the midst of a $500 million budget shortfall, a 5 percent across-the-board cut would mean about 1,900 employees would lose their jobs. But that number is likely the worst-case scenario, acting state budget director Mary Lassiter told The State Journal.

"It will likely be less than that," Lassiter said. "Some agencies have said their budgets are very personnel-intensive."

This is a reversal from what Patton said earlier, announcing there would likely be no layoffs, but the workforce would be cut by 1,000 through attrition or retirements.

But Patton said at a Thursday press conference that if cuts are imposed, layoffs of state employees will be "inevitable."

"This needs to be a joint effort of the legislature and the governor's office to come up with the least onerous solution to the problem that we can devise," Patton said.

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