Local artist pays tribute to space with sculpture

By BETH CRACE State Journal Staff Writer Published:

Jeff Underwood's home - the makeshift one he's been inhabiting for the past few months - isn't exactly average. Atop a distressed desk are scattered pieces of the artist's life, remnants of what he likes to call, "Americana."

There's an antique typewriter here, along with a lantern containing his recently shorn locks. A tall wicker lamp and, among other things, a worn copy of the Bible with the artist's name engraved are thrown in too.

Indian River fly fishing hooks are framed on one wall, a throwback to Underwood's days in Cocoa Beach, Fla., where he grew up surfing in the Atlantic Ocean and idolizing the astronauts who trained at nearby Kennedy Space Center. The Mozart LP resting atop a small bench is right at home with the Bob Marley poster taped to the door leading upstairs.

This is the place where Underwood has been living (there's also an unframed mattress in the middle of the floor) and working on the sculpture he will present to Stevenson Elementary in Russellville sometime this month .

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