Rep. Graham hears voices of support for higher taxes

By FRED LUCAS State Journal Staff Writer Published:

Despite what many legislators have said for the past month, there apparently is some public sentiment for increasing Kentucky taxes, at least in Franklin County.

At a public meeting held by state Rep. Derrick Graham, D- Frankfort, about 20 residents showed up Saturday and expressed concerns about health care, layoffs or furloughs for state employees, and the state's nearly $400 million budget shortfall.

"If we cut state government and trim as much as possible, it's still not going to affect the deficit," Graham said at the meeting held Saturday morning at the Franklin County Fire Station on Owenton Road. "It's irresponsible for politicians to run on no new taxes."

Most residents actually seemed to agree with Graham, who has been an advocate for some type of comprehensive tax reform he said would rid the state's tax code of numerous loopholes, as well as catch up with the new economy.

On Wednesday, Gov. Paul Patton will deliver an address to the legislature on increasing taxes for business, and having an overall plan to raise revenue by about $570 million.

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