Health-care remedy is elusive

By FRED LUCAS State Journal Staff Writer Published:

State workers have rallied and lobbied for a cure to the ailment of steep health insurance costs.

Though House Bill 147 is just one of almost 20 bills aimed at the issue, it appears to be the legislation that is getting the backing of labor groups and state employee representatives who have long given the state's health insurance system a bad diagnosis.

That's because Kentucky contributes far less to family coverage than many other states, and many private employers according to statistics from state employee groups and a previous state study. Many employees have recited horror stories about their insurance, sometimes paying more than $600 a month to insure their families.

The most prominent solutions proposed thus far have been a statewide pool for workers and requiring active local government employees to be part of the state health care system instead of just coming on board after their retirement, which drives up the cost.

Most state officials have said they sympathize with the plight of state workers. Some point to the failure of Kentucky Kare as an example of how a self-insured state wide pool can fail, while others feel that the mandate on local governments would be unfair.

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