13 of 46 people here are able to spot Iraq on map


Where in the world is Iraq?

Several Franklin countians were given a pop quiz in world geography Thursday - while at lunch, on downtown streets, in the courthouse and annex, Paul Sawyier Public Library, The State Journal office, and their residences.

They were shown a map of Asia, most of Europe and part of Africa with numerous countries outlined. The names of the countries and their major cities were deleted, and they were asked to point to Iraq.

The Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean were marked. The Mediterranean, Black, Caspian, Red and Arabian seas, and the Persian Gulf were highlighted to indicate they were bodies of water, but their names were deleted.

Out of 46 people surveyed, only 13 - 28 percent - accurately identified the small Middle Eastern country located just north of the Persian Gulf.

Of those who correctly labeled Iraq on the map, reasons as to how they found it varied. Some were mere students of geography. Others learned through the media. And some just plain guessed.

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