Rally held at state Capitol to show support for troops

By CHARLES PEARL State Journal Staff Writer Published:

Billy Smith, commander of American Legion Post 7, said Saturday's rally on the steps of the state Capitol was for one purpose - "to support the American troops."

An estimated 200 people attended the event. Many of them were veterans and families and friends of American troops in the war in Iraq.

"We're not promoting war," Smith said. "If you are a veteran, you know what war is. You hate war. We have no good memories of war. We have very fond memories, though, of our friends, our comrades.

"No one wants a war. But we do have to defend our freedoms, our liberties, our homes. So certainly we are going to stand behind all our troops, servicemen overseas. It is a wonderful thing we can get together and talk like this today."

He said it's also a wonderful thing there are people against war.

"We are all against war," Smith said. "There are no pro-war people here. We want peace more than anything else. But we need to remember from the past. We have to stay strong."

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