Wall honors 'Frankfort's finest'

By PHILIP CASE State Journal Columnist Published:

As military conflicts continue around the world, especially in Iraq, we all look for ways to support the men and women put in harm's way through no choice of their own. Prayer groups, candlelight vigils, letters and e-mail help them know we care and appreciate what they're doing.

Members of Capital City Christian Church, Versailles Road, have decided that pictures provide a special way to remember and honor loved ones serving half a world away ... or right here in this country in support of war efforts.

Erected in the yard by the flag pole at the church is a homemade billboard of plywood with removable Plexiglas doors. So far it has a few pictures of church members, friends or family of members, and a list of known casualties, those missing in action and held prisoner.

"I was talking with Dr. Pattison about what we could do for our families with military ties and for the community," said Jon Sutphin, an associate pastor of the church. Steve Pattison is the senior pastor.

"Because of renovation inside our building we decided to take it outside and encourage people in the church and community to put up pictures or names of loved ones serving wherever they may be," Sutphin continued.

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