Severance plan could avert hearing

By FRED LUCAS State Journal Staff Writer Published:

Removed from his position as city manager, Bob Elliott wants to have a public hearing, unless circumstances change.

"It would be nice if I were reinstated," Elliott said.

Under Kentucky law, a city manager who is fired may request a public hearing to be held no earlier than 20 days after the request and no later than 30 days after. In the hearing he would have a chance to argue to get his job back.

Elliott hasn't filed the request yet, but has until May 9 to do so.

There are no specific guidelines for holding a public hearing on an ousted city manager, according to City Attorney Jim Higgs. The state law is set up to give fired administrators a fair hearing and a chance to give their side of the story. The City Commission - the same body that voted to remove Elliott - would basically serve as the jury in the hearing.

However, the commission is reportedly considering providing him with a severance package in order to avoid a public hearing on the matter.

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