Arson investigator urges public to help foil those who set fires

By MARY BRANHAM State Journal News Editor Published:

It's been more than a year now since the top floor of the old Peaks Mill School burned.

There's no question it was arson.

"There were burn patterns on the flooring that ... were indicative of an ignitable liquid," said Kevin Dunn, the arson investigator with Post 12 of the Kentucky State Police. "When we find things in my interpretation of the burn pattern, we take samples. Those samples came back positive that there was in fact something on the floor."

Ruling the fire an arson wasn't that difficult. Finding the person who set the fire, as in most arson cases, has proven to be more of a problem.

"It's one of those types of crimes, even if we don't solve something right away, it's not uncommon for those people to tell other people," Dunn said. "People get mad at each other and call in."

They might not call in on other types of crimes, Dunn said, but they feel "they can get back" at someone if they report the arsonist.

As Franklin County and much of the nation recognizes Arson Awareness Week, May 4-10, Dunn says there are steps people can take to avoid becoming a target of arsonists.

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