South African visitors study Kentucky ways

By CHARLES PEARL State Journal Staff Writer Published:

Country music blared behind him. But the young Frankfort man, sitting on a bench in front of the Brick Alley bar on St. Clair Street, was completely focused on the conversations in front of him at the round table on the brick sidewalk.

A black woman, wearing a brilliant yellow, red and green dress and red sweater, had just finished saying she couldn't hate white people. But she hated the system that made it impossible for her to get to know white people and communicate with them.

"I was never taught to hate," she said.

"So what makes you a happy person?" she was asked.

"The fact that I don't hate," said Seni. "The fact that I can laugh at myself."

"The fact that she doesn't have a husband," added Lilly, laughing.

"No, I never once had one," Seni answered. "I didn't think I needed one."

The man on the bench, unable to remain silent any longer, asked, "Where are you from?"

"South Africa," three people responded.

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